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IRM 'How to' videos. What would you like to see?

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Hi Fran ,

I would like to see all of the above, over time of course. maybe with photos of tools

and products used and where they can be sourced locally if possible .not asking much am I,

great idea btw.


Good idea John, always good to know where you can lay your hands on these things!

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All aspects of wiring layouts including bus wires, dropper wires and how they are connected and fed to the controller and switches such as DPDT etc.


Another issues could be the cutting and shaping of plastic sheeting and the tools used. Particularly how is the plastic cut straight and how are openings for doors /windows made and kept straight.



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Great idea. Few suggestions to add to those already made.


  • How to solder etched brass kits (e.g. SSM brake van)
  • How to use a lining pen
  • How to drive and shunt freight formations prototypically
  • How to install DCC lights in diesel loco kits (e.g. SF, SSM resin kits)

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Hi Tony


Refer here for my soldering tips http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3869-Soldering-Tips-by-murrayec?p=59978&viewfull=1#post59978


also take a look at my workbench projects- mainly the stuff on the flying scot which has a huge amount of soldering technique shown.


Doing a video on soldering would take years!!



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