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The Blue Pullman hits British rails again this week....sort of...

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Inside it is a bit of a mismash but the train has created a first ... a Guards trailer first - also guards office enlarged and to ensure catering is top notch the buffet car has been rebuilt to a Trailer Restaurant Kitchen  - all seats out and enlarged prep and kitchen fitted. The windows in the saloon end are mainly plated over. 

The Mismash I am told is seat coverings are a bit mixed up but nothing a bit of cover shunting can fix unless it is part of a social distancing master plan.   No yellow end having had front lighting upgraded to searchlight standards  and gained the cyclops top head light.   Currently another short rake being used for training  with PUL 1 back undercover after first outing canned by LD2 in the UK - potential for mid Dec run from press reports. 

Certainly captures the spirit of the former pullman with a self contained luxury train, I really hope it gets nationwide use. 


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9 hours ago, Niles said:

Wasn't there a mk2/3 set in this livery back in the mid 2000s or so? Class 47 hauled.

Gotta love the sight of a freshly painted carriage, looks smashing.

Yes  A short life effort by FM rail IIRC it ran a few trips but business ran out of money, pretty certain some of the stock ended up with DRS. 


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On 6/11/2020 at 9:19 AM, Mayner said:

CIE seriously considered buying and re-gauging the  original "Blue Pullmans" sets from BR in the early 70s instead ordering the "Supertrain" sets from BREL.

All of them or bits of them?

I imagine they would've tried for a homogenised fleet of say four 8-car sets as the Western Region was considering before withdrawal.

The 2+1 seating would probably also have been replaced in Second Class I would've thought.

And finally, new bogies rather than simply stretching them to 5' 3" given the poor riding qualities of the bogies fitted.


On 6/11/2020 at 1:00 PM, jhb171achill said:

Where will it operate?

St Pancras to Manchester I believe via almost the original route of the Midland Pullman (there's a large gap between Matlock and Buxton on the original route).


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