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North Wall

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You'd love it 😀😀

071's always there on the Taras, and some of the Containers-  aswell as Spoil Trains, Weedsprayers parked up and general shunting.

Most would want to travel from here to your neck of the woods-  you could holiday in North Wall 😀😀😀

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5 minutes ago, Irishswissernie said:

I always went early in the morning and departed before noon prior to some of the locals arising from their slumbers. I was asked once if I fancied a one way trip to the Wicklow Mountains!

There was always something going on (railway wise that is) 144 + 149 shunting June 2001 

North Wall 144,149 June 2001 a992.jpg

Lovely photo, and a trip to the Wicklow Mountains would really crown my visit well.

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At one end in Ballina and at the other end, in Dublin Port.

IWP container and Tara Mines trains travel through North Wall and onto Alexandra Road before disappearing!

Never seen any photos of what happens once the trains leave Alexandra Road.    Understandably, given the nature of the loads carried in the Taras we never see the unloading of that but would have thought some records exist of the container unloading at Dublin Port.

Maybe some day....!!!🤞🤞🤞

Photo below of 081 reappearing onto Alexandra Road from the port.


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216 (used to pulling the Belmond Grand Hibernian) was leading something less glamorous, but still exciting at North Wall today!

Reversed out of the East Wall yard before heading down Alexandra Road to Dublin Port with a lengthy container set.

Never saw such a gleamingly clean set of tanker containers- was like they were washed and polished!   

Great to be able to see this freight actionat such close quarters still.





Screenshot_20210319-190735_Video Player.jpg



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On 17/3/2021 at 11:38 PM, Irishswissernie said:

An Irish Railfreight Video existed in the early 90s possibly published by Markle with Paul Shannon as narrator covered the main freight flows including both loading & unloading the Tara's.

At the time Ireland was seen as more progressive than BR by UK enthusiasts continuing to operate a fairly comprehensive railfreight service in a country with a small population and little heavy industry at a time BR was busy shutting down it Speedlink Network and cutting Freightliner services during the sectorisation era.

East Wall Yard (The Dardanells) has gone through an interesting transformation since the re-modelling in the early 2000s.  Apart from traffic to and from the Alexandra Road Tramway (mainly Tara, Asahi & Oil) the yard was mainly used from the late 70s as a wagon repair depot and storing crippled and redundant rolling stock.

The sidings on the right were mainly used for long term storage once housing the last DSER & MGWR bogie coaches in Departmental service and more recently a collection of redundant CIEV & private owner loose coupled tank wagons until the yard was cleared out and re-modelled in 2002-3.

The yard was very busy during the 60s and 70s as the Dublin Terminal for goods traffic to Northern Ireland after the closure of Amiens Street Goods and became the first Dublin Yard to handle ISO container traffic during the late 60s, the yard and the Point Depot closing to revenue traffic during the late 70s.

The incoming IWT liner is arriving on what was once the down running line to the Point Depot that once curved round to cross Sherriff Street on the level.

The base of the Granaries Signal cabin where I had my first introduction to really strong language as a shunter called out to the signal man "change those f........points"  is visible on the left, the cabin was closed and the points in this area converted to hand operation when signalling in the North Wall yards was rationalised in the late 1980s.

The double slip on the crossover from the Alexandra Road Tramway to the up and down running lines to Island Bridge Junction seems to be an unchanging feature of the yard appearing in photos from the late steam era.

Chairs used by shunters seem to have disappeared!



May 2005 181 shunting a Guinness Liner in East Wall Yard, release crossover and buffer stops at East Wall Road in the distance, the double track running road originally curved round past the concrete building in the middle distance to cross Sherriff St, siding on right were mainly used for wagon storage some times long term before the re-modelling. 

The area between the running roads and East Wall Road was laid out as pairs of mileage sidings where freight was loaded direct from trucks to trains(long lines of H Vans when I first explored the area in the mid 70s) and laterly used for loading ballast trains & long term storage .



Wagon Repair Depot does not seem to have changed in 20 years, remains of 1993 Gantry from the Holyhead Yard stored in distance, 1960s 15T gantry possibly still in use for wagon repairs. 


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The Moy bridge is a cracking spot, reminds me of the one and only time I travelled on the branch from Ballina to Claremorris possibly in a Park Royal coach behind a small BoBo the sense of remoteness and view across the lake reminds me of the Kyle of Lochalsh line in Scotland

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216 in action again this Monday evening, similar to Friday- shunting action at the East Wall yard first, then the trip down Alexandra Road to Dublin Port.

Very 'navy' blue feel to everything again with both 216 itself and it's complete set of navy containers with just one white exception!





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Yes-  always like seeing the DANA's myself too!   They always look like they've been through the wars compared to the rest.     Presumably all empty given the two per flat.

About once per week or so they seem to appear generally?    

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I understand it is probably something like that video- watch from about 2:20.

Given the load being carried is foodstuffs or related to it, there must be pretty high standards of cleaning and hygiene

Wasn't it @Arran said he witnessed the emptying of a GCA one time and there was a delicious smell of treacle!!

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Once the container train is on the Alexandra Quay sidings there is a loco release cross over so the loco can change ends and draw the loaded wagons back to North Wall Yard. 

On the Tara’s I believe the loco is released using the traverser in the unloading shed. The loco then uses the empty wagon line to access Alexandra Road. The length of the sidings limits the maximum numbers of wagons in the Tara train.

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