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Wow! New Coach sets from Accurascale

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Nah Following the footsteps of Hattons and Hornby. may as well cash in I suppose.

Lots of thought went into these and it creates a massive cost saving for modellers on a budget. Inter changeability will be the next thing, Swapping coach bodies on a generic chassis. Cant wait for my stuff to come.

I would actually love to see this up on the Ebay to see what you get for them!


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3 hours ago, Warbonnet said:

Of course, the IRM cross over is heavily on our minds. Thinking Supertrain one side, Green with flying snail on t'other? 

Yiz not doing one in Castlederg & Victoria Bridge livery?

2 hours ago, Galteemore said:

The SLNC style spoked bogie wheels suggest that a badly weathered ‘ancient west of Ireland maroon’ version may be inbound. ...


They looked so tatty that the management were embarrassed to use them latterly and would either borrow old wooden bogies from the GNR, or six-wheelers from CIE, if there was a busy day!

jhbSenior said they smelled very damp and musty inside..........

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