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Cheap Modelling Materials Sources

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For building finishes, I use Scalescenes  https://scalescenes.com/ .  Both OO and N gauge covered.

They have a few freebies, so you can have a go without any cost!

I have bought and built a few of the buildings and they are both good value and give very realistic results with minimal input - instructions are good, however it is important to get the card thickness right.  For the heavy card, I get mounting board from the local craft shop (c. €10) for an A1 sheet, however it does go a long way.

I get good use from the "Scratchbuilders yard", as they provide, brick, stone, timber finishes, roof tiles, etc which are good value and you can print off as many times as you like. 

Brief note - use an inkjet printer rather that laser, as the quality of print is generally better.




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