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2600 class railcars

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Hi Richie,


Cheers for the compliments. They're mainly brass running on a bachmann chassis. I have a preference for using RTR chassis' for operational reliability. Nothing worse than a great looking model that drives like sh*t!

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I received my second 2600 set from David last week, this time in silver livery. It is another excellent model and the paint finish is first class. I don't know how he did it but the curve on the green swoop on the front is perfect and couldn't be bettered by any manufacturer. Really looking forward to the De Dietrich coaches.

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2 hours ago, DJ Dangerous said:

Are these models still available to pre-order? I have tried emailing the address above once or twice, to no avail.

Unfortunately not, I think they have ceased trading a while back, they were superbly built models and I am still delighted with mine.

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