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Railway Artifacts

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That reminds me, I found part of a GSWR (if I remember correctly) signal lever the other week... I'll try and find it again soon



There's still a few grounded wagons in ever decreasing numbers to be seen.


I'm told that there's around 20 grounded coaches and vans in the North alone.

By the way, does anyone know of an NCC saloon (or at least half of one) grounded somewhere? Some guy came into Downpatrick last year saying that he knew of one that apparently was a royal saloon.

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They would have been originally painted according to pattern, but the paint would have worn off in service.

A was red

B was blue

C was green

http://freespace.virgin.net/david.holden4/index.htm (go to 'token configurations' and scroll down)


Better to clean off the steel and laquer it to prevent any further corrosion. Wouldn't worry too much about what rattling inside them, probably loose blobs of solder.

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An original A or C class one would be very nice, not to mention one for a Sulzer.... (should any of the aforementioned exist, which I'm sure they must do in some form?)


Not seen one for either Sulzer. A and C classes had three thick manuals each. Part 2 of each was mostly about the engine, and I've not seen a C class one of those. Part 3 of each also seems relatively less common, not that Part 1's appear to be all that common. Those preserving them tend to need the manuals to use, rather than being collectors' items.

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DCDR maintains copies of some, obviously for use on locos preserved there. There isn't one for the "G" class though as far as I know. Not that those driving them need it!


A 'G' is probably little more than a glorified tractor!:D

(well, they did make farm tractors too!)



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