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Vacancy Marks Model Cork

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Hi Lads,


After 3 years at the Helm of the Cork Outpost I will be hanging up my track cutters and and joining DB Schenker to Move some Air Cargo around the World so a much Coveted Job will be available. I be a great 3 years and Mark is great to Work for so I can highly Recommend the Role.


If anyone is interested in it please send CV to Info@marksmodels.Com and Mark will be in Touch. You must have a Modelling Background and speak the English.


I would like to thank everyone who made may day a whole lot easier and for all the Companionship through the years. I met and have made some great Friends and Acquaintances along the way so hopefully you wont be too far away.


If anyone is around on the 29th it will be the last meeting I will be holding and we will have an Airbrush Demo by Radu Brinzan (Scale Modelling Champion and Kit designer) which kicks off at 1845. Now I must get the Wife to bake some cakes for the night!!


Anyway I have 2 weeks left so I hope to see some of you before I depart.


All the best



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Thanks Lads for the good wishes. It is appeciated


I will be working away on Stuff still, Mountains of kits to build and hopefully get some boards down for a layout, in Fact I will have more time now as well as kinda back to Normal hours 9-1730 Mon-Fri, used to get home a 7pm but now I will be home at 1800hrs!!.I will actually be able to get to a show and a Railtour or two as well!!


I will be still doing the Weathering and hopefully will be able to work out something with the new Mananger there to accept the locos etc. Many thanks for the folks that trusted me with their precious locos as well!!


Might see some of you at the Wexford Show next month!!





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Best of luck George, you'll be sadly missed, you are a gent to deal with & your help has been invaluable. Im delighted your gonna keep the weathering up as your work is top class & ive plenty more jobs for you still!! Good luck mate & hopefully I'll catch you before you leave.:((

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Theres plenty more Characters left in the Welcome Inn. Tempted to dice with the Devil at 0830hrs on my last day!! Beamish at that hour of the morning is Quite Decadent!!


then we will decend on the shop at 11.45 and get bargans galore...since you should be well hammered by then - espically drinking that stuff! be a man and drink guinness!!! better still give us a shout and we'll drink some stout to numb your painmischievous-grin-smiley-emoticon.gif

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Great Turnout last night for the meeting Despite the Rain, Held in the shop and de brief till 120am in the Parnell...Bloody hour change is killing me this am! Delighted to see a surprise visitor from Kerry as well who got given a tray of buns for the journey home!!








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After I telling the Mrs that I was going to choir practice.

She was wondering why I was looking at the camera instead of the demo until I told her George was wearing his french maids outfit :facepalm:


Thanks George for a great night which was very informative & thanks for the buns as well.

They got a good death.

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