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Flying Scotsman 4472

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Stephen I used Woodland Scenics fine light grey ballast and mixed in this




I would advise you to go for the N/Z gauge ballast he sells as I think the OO is a little on the bid side

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Guest hidden-agenda

Only Anto could weather a wagon that says 2013 on it, It should not be out of the paint shop yet, DOH!


I did spot that Dave but i was waiting to see if any one else did. Well done.

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Guest hidden-agenda
He's not that far from the old De Lorean factory - maybe has has special facilities...


If that's the case he has all the 071s and they are weathered and clocking up miles while the rest of us are still waiting for the first one.

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Hi one & all, for what it's worth, have a look at this, maybe we can't get it, but there might be something similar about !



Sorry, but my head nearly exploded listening to the commentary on that video.


It's hard to go wrong with Everard Junction's tutorials:




The only one I found disappointing was his weathering method...




PS: was Anto actually looking for ballasting advice here?

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I recently got this Scania 480. I painted the unit red and de liveried the trailer and painted it white. I did a few small modifications to the unit

I put super singles on the front steer and mid lift axles, I gave the mirrors a coating of red and fitted a air condition unit to the roof.


































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