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Rebelred's Loco Shed Modular layout

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Love the little touches that really complete it. Like the warning flashes on the back of the transit van. And the fact that the Hornby A Class has had faded red panelling on the front.


Thanks for the comments lads, appreciate them, Cheers Weshty, i've incorporated a siding for my broken/dis-used Loco's which is where the A class sits so i faded the panels to reflect this (I'll be shunting a Lima 201 Loco in there very soon that looks the part- watch this space!) I've a bit more detailing to do yet & i'm gonna try tackle the track with ballast walkways & weathering if i can. Any advice as always is very welcome :)

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Looking great, love the weathering work on the GM's they really bring the scene to life. A bit of weathering on the track and you'll be set.

Thanks Scha, im currently researching how to weather the track without an air brush but if any one has any advice or tips i'll gladly take it on board,


Alan i just used a ballast sheet & i'll be spreading loose ballast in between the sleepers with adhesive to bond it before i attempt to weather it. I was originally gonna use Noch underlay but it didn't look right in a loco shed enviroment so scrapped it.

I tacked the track down using 12mm nails- the track pins i got wouldn't penetrate the baseboard & kept bending. Hope that helps.

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I got 203 & 230 'returned to service' after spending a few weeks in Georgeconna's skilled hands!!!!



























Meanwhile Lima 201 is being 'stored' in my siding due to excess Loco availability.....












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I haven't been doing much modelling lately for various reasons including work & kids on mid-term but got my 5 Mark II 'Galway' coaches back from weathering, love the results, here are a few shots of them with the River Corrib herself! Apologies for the poor resolution, light in the Attic isn't great!



































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Took some pictures of my Mark 2's in Day time to show the weathering on them in better light....

Oh, yeah! that's way better. They look at lot nicer in that light. I not a fan of super heavy weathering so this is definitely dirtied up enough for my taste. Thought they looked too overdone in the previous photos. Great job there!

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Thanks Kevin, I prefer my coaches to be heavily weathered along the bogies & coach ends with a small bit on the roof line while keeping the sides clean. That's the way most IE stock was kept as they were washed by driving them through a train wash as opposed to being powerwashed by hand hence why they were so dirty in those areas mentioned. Weathering was done superbly by Georgeconna.:)

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