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What's Santa bringing?

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A well known person of this website told me that his new copy of "Rails Through North Kerry" had been "confiscated" in lieu of a reappearance on Christmas morning.


MY new copy of Joe Coleman's substantial new book on the railways of the Limerick area has similarly been "confiscated" by the Dept. of Domestic Matters, for the same purpose!

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Apparently an Athearn SD40 is coming my way in Santa Fe.


Also contemplating treating myself to a Heljan Metro electric. Though not sure if I've behaved myself well enough this year to warrant one! http://www.hattons.co.uk/202955/Heljan_9007_Metropolitan_Bo_Bo_electric_11_George_Romney_in_London_Transport_maroon/StockDetail.aspx


Sweet though

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Well, John, people can't do a lot better on the Book front than a copy of Barry's and your book - they've flown off my table at recent sales do's.


Personally, my copy of David Maidment's "Urie and Maunsell 4-6-0s" was taken for Christmas - a Christmas present made in Heaven for a Timer like me - cover to cover logs of fast runs with Lord Nelsons etc. And, of course, Richard Maunsell was a Dubliner, educated at the Royal School Armagh.


Personally, my Standard request for a pressie is TIME to read, model etc ……


Still, I feel blessed to be still here


Happy Christmas



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