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Easter 2018 PW workings on the network

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Hi All!

I see some discussion on facebook and other forums about the various works going on across the Irish Rail network in what must be one of the largest possessions ever! I know work at Sallins was to start today, Good Friday. Anyone been down that way today? I assume there will be interuptions to road traffic also? 

Hopefully you will all be good enough to share your photos and videos from the various locations on this thread. 

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Hi Dave,

I don't think there's any road alterations at present, as the bridge is going in as part of the new Sallins By-Pass project. The bridge itself has been built next to the line over the past 8 months or so (from doing foundations to actually building the deck). All that needs to happen is the bridge parts moved into place. Shame as it was quite a nice quiet spot.

The Irish Rail Twitter account has a few interesting photos and videos


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It's an excellent video of the works. This is only around the corner from my home place in Osberstown so it was very interesting to see it all come together. The only road closure was the 'canal road' but this has been closed for a while now anyway due to a truck hitting the top of the aqueduct. As far as I know the crane had to be brought in from the UK but not 100% on that.

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