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A4 Mallard's new layout - Progress so far...

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I'm sure he'll be along himself to tell you the thinking behind it, but I think Peak Forest in the UK was mentioned at one stage.


Of course, there are five or six levels underneath this one, and a train takes well over 20 minutes to one complete circle.


It's really progressed Fran since the build commenced and looks great. The peak Forest was always an area that I thought would make a great model. Railway Modeller had a great piece with a track plan for it many years ago.



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I use diluted glue in a large syringe with a needle. I apply the glue between sleepers one at a time then drop the ballast into place, then blow away the surplus. I do approx 6 inches of double track at a time....... it's up there with watching paint dry. This way it dries in about 4 hours and it's not as messy as the traditional way.

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great stuff brendan. you were right about a multilevel layout...its the only way to go. have to say that i had hugh doughts about it but am converted. work has finally settled down , in the fact that the main building is closed and all in situ were transferred to community settings just last monday, so with that , overtime etc have gone , and so i finally have the time to start the layout. all stock is stored and nearly all the boards lifted - so heres to the start of something new for me. can i still call you for assistance and advice? seamus

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