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Bray Train & Model Fair

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Please note that Bray dates have changed from the 15th to the 22nd of December Hope this does not put you out too much it will hopefully give you the chance for last minute Christmas shopping

We will have a little Xmas Party on the day:banana:


Kinvara-Train, you've just ruined my X-Mas holidays, :((

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Stick up a pic and let us see, Marks has silver fox rtr mk3 vans in town for E99 each, don't forget Hornby are doing mk3s this year in raspberry ripple livery all they would need is to mask the black/white and spray orange and the diner should be the four window we had here.



You will have to wait till after the Bray gig

I wont have them till then

Personally I am not a fan of the S/Fox van, lacking good detail

The one I hope to have on Sunday will be a lot cheaper but more importantly a lot better

The restaurant will also be a correct model of the Irish one, not a respray

So fancy a trip to Bray?

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Aaaaargh. I'm not allowed cakes by the doc..... no cake, no choc, no sweets, no bikkies, no desserts, no sugar, no fun.......


So I have little choice but to resort to Guinness.


Life really is hard.


i will die a happy death with u by Art Guinness - the next best ting to mothes milk!

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While doing the Bray event I was informed that Walter, Kinvara Train of this parish had a bit of a turn while travelling home from a

trip to Germany, I am sure everyone here will wish him a healthy and speedy recovery

Go mbíodh biseach ort gan mhoill a Walter.

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