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2 hours ago, Georgeconna said:

A Gentleman sent me this link earlier today for a 10 mins docs on the 'core.


The Hot box part certainly caught my attention....

Yes, the hotbox was the thing that struck me when I got a tour back in 1984. The engineer told me they could almost identify the train and its speed from the read out. Fab bit of film footage. I was always thought at school that Ireland had no heavy industry nor industrial manufacturing capability, inchicore and before it broad stone says otherwise. Many a steam loco was built in Ireland with steel parts forged and fabricated right here (there), not to mention all the wagons and coaches built at inchicore. It was a little city in its own right.

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On 10/2/2021 at 11:09 AM, DJ Dangerous said:

Fascinating, specially the bit about the snatcher.

They must have been made redundant a log time ago.

My 088 in as-delivered-wrong-orange has them, as does ST livery 126, and the black 141's, but nothing newer.

I think they were used until maybe the late 60s even though they could be seen on locos in super train livery until they were eventually removed at some point. Very few B Sulzers had them, I've only seen evidence of one on the site maybe B107 iirc.

It's important to remember that it was a staff EXCHANGE not just the pickup. If you look at the snatcher on the cab you'll see the token to be dropped from the last section hanging from the back of the snatcher. The jaws of the platform exchanger are set lower than the jaws on the locomotive and snatches the token from the cab side while the cab side jaws simultaneously pick up the staff for the section to be entered. You'd not want to be anywhere near the exchanger due to risk of dismemberment at best. The platform exchanger has two set of jaws one for each direction/wrong line running.

c 1988, snatchers present but long out of use

Irish Railways GMs 135 and 123 on Dublin Connolly


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6 minutes ago, airfixfan said:

Cannot see the photo. Does the link work?

Its on the IRRS Flickr site (for members, so should work for members)

It looks very similar in design to the CIE version, maybe smaller jaws

1 hour ago, Galteemore said:

That’s an NCC Mogul. The NCC were the high priests of tablet exchange at speed, 60 mph was regular practice, as the main line north of Ballymena was single track. 

I guess that the NCC was part of MIdland/LMS so would have been early to adopt the practice, any idea when? Wonder if there are any photos of the NCC snatchers anywhere?

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