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Anyone in the market for some full size toys?

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16 minutes ago, jhb171achill said:

Sad. Travelled on it a few years ago - an amazing line.

If they're up for grabs, we'd need to know if they are DC or DCC.

Yes and all of the coaches had Hornby style tension lock couplings :) :)  :) :) Insulfrog points so walk away

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Just a note to say the railway has been saved by the trust and will hopefully operate again before the end of the summer. 

Also I believe they are hoping to buy some of the auction stock so hopefully no one else bids and it gives them the cheapest restart possible!

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That can’t have helped, but it seems to have been their contract engineering business that dragged them down. Read the Patriot new-build forum to see what kind of work the Llangollen chaps had been churning out - it wasn’t always top notch to put it mildly

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The failed PLC was just one element of the Llangollen Railway. It was not the operator of the railway but provided items of rolling stock, together with engineering services. It was the commercial failure of the latter that caused its collapse. Thankfully a way forward has been found.


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