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OO Works 101 - Coming Closer!

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2 hours ago, Irishswissernie said:

1160-3 J15 No119 arriving Sligo  Ireland (JW Armstrong)  163

Here is J15 119 arriving at Sligo late 1940's early 50's..  Checking through the files I have discovered another 75 odd JW Armstrong /ARPT  images to upload to Flickr when I get the time. Smoke box door handle and the tender differ from the 00Works offering.



 119 may have been fitted with a large tender to increase coal and water capacity for working Limerick-Sligo goods trains, there is a photo of 229 with a large tender on a southbound goods at Ballycar. Before closure the Limerick Sligo goods only called at the principal stations south of Claremorris before calling at all intermediate stations Claremorris to Sligo. There was a similar arrangement with the North Wall-Ballina goods which basically operated as a limited stop service Northwall-Claremorris before calling at all stations on the branch. West of Athlone a Midland Standard goods worked the train due to weight restrictions on the Ballina Branch.

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Tenders were routinely swapped between locomotives of the same class.

It’s important to note that when deciding what number to put on your locomotive, things like cab style, original or later smokebox, chimney type, wheel type and so on, and above all boiler type - will be the  things that decide whether you have No. 124, 175, 133 or 200.

Preserved 186 has a tender off something else entirely, and 184 was, I think, given an old style one for a film contract, having in more recent times had a bigger one.

With the J15s being such a big class, the loco shown above, 119, could be represented by the new model, as you could say it was temporarily running with an older tender. Subject, of course, to minor modification to the smoke box door if one was persistent enough!

The above photo would be in the 1950s rather than forties as the locomotive has lost its cast numberplates. The guards van is a GSWR one of a type very similar to the one recently released by Provincial Wagons. This, and the J15, indicates that it’s the down (northbound) Limerick goods entering Sligo, as neither southern guards vans nor, even more so, J15s, would be seen on the MGWR.

The train will have taken some seven hours from Limerick, stopping at just about every halt and hole in the hedge along the way.

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