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RPSI Blue Thunder rail-tour.

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Just for info, there's a B&B near me on BACK ROAD, Malahide. can't recall name, but if you google B&Bs in Malahide, you'll get it. 20-odd minutes' DART from Connolly. Dunno if they're full or not.

The reason the prices are so high that weekend is that there are several major GAA games on in Croker, plus a few other events on in the city centre. Plus, the tourists seem to be coming back to Dublin in droves.

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is it possible to get on in portarlington?


nothing boils my piss more than "match people" on match day muddling around the place in utter confusion as to how just about anything works as they experience the big smoke for the very first (and probabaly only) time!


like when clarkson sends caleb to london just for the craic.

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1 hour ago, airfixfan said:

Glad I did not pay 600 Euros for 2 nights in Dublin as 112 is now replaced by two IE 071s instead due to issues with 112!


Why do you always bitch and moan about the railway groups?

There was a nice way of putting that.

Here, let me help you:

"Bad news, everybody. I've heard from X (with a source hyperlinked) that 112 is having X issues, so anybody hoping to see her in action on the tour will be diappointed. However, to compensate, there'll be an 071 double header, numbers X and X! How awesome!"

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Hotel prices aside, the RPSI have offered a full refund for anybody who does now not want to travel on this Railtour, due to the absence of 112. It's dissapointing, but still looking forward to a great day out. 

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1 hour ago, Georgeconna said:

Rarity really I imagine. Its this now a Double header then with 2 071's?

Dublin-Cork-Limerick with an 071,tbc.

Loco change at Limerick with the locally based 071 for the remainder of the tour via the WRC back to Dublin. 

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4 hours ago, airfixfan said:

Have used the money saved for Dublin Hotels for two nights to book a holiday. Here 112 needs repairs and until then restricted to 40mph by Irisn Rail

maybe you can head to London for a spin on the new Elizabeth line.

With those prices ya coulda saved 500 odd quid by avoiding the match thicks and getting on in Portalington....

Were you planning on actually doing the tour? 😅

Bit of a Moaning Michael really.....


At the end of the day a JT22CW Railtour is being delivered as advertised.


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51 minutes ago, Westcorkrailway said:

Could be worse….


you may have remembered the tour was on its way but because of a certain state exam, you’re parents wouldn’t let you leave the house 😁

I am 'at risk' from many things, but I may be able to discount that one...

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