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Aide to building Irish Timber Wagons

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While attended the Model Rail, Scotland Show in Glasgow I came across a stand showing a Timber Wagon conversion. It was hosted by the Scottish Modellers.


Scottish Modellers were formed to promote and foster interest in the modelling of Scotland's railways in all eras and scales and I was told I was the third person from Ireland expressing an interest at the Show in their etches which provide support for their Timber Wagon conversions.




I spoke to a guy called Martin Stewart who makes the etches and he seemed interested in looking at the Irish timber wagons and maybe doing something for us. I undertook to send him some information and gave him our Web Site details. He in turn said if it was feasible he would register on the Site and explain what he could do and explore the interest.




I know a number of Modellers on this Site including myself have built their own but in my case the upright posts (made of plasticard) of the log pallets are so fragile that they break easily.


There's hoping Martin may come up with a brass solution for the log pallets.

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Interesting discussion lads. Since the stanchions are cradles, it should be easy enough to produce a fold up etch, one would have thought, that sits on the wagon, ala the prototype. The end ones just have some extra steel and the upright end panel and ladder. I'd imagine they could fit on the SSM 42' or a KFA to suit, until a 62'9" comes along... Weshty?....?...



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That's the way to go Des. I do understand that some folk are prepared to use rtr UK OO or European HO and if that is their choice then fair play to them. I can't help thinking though that the vast majority would prefer a prototypical model than a kit bashed, converted, non Irish rtr model.


We have all seen the shots of the 42' flats, Ammonia wagon, and barrier wagon tank and cradles which we have all drooled over. If Des is to produce the 62'9" why not go with the prototypical model.



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The 42' will be out first, but with sufficient interest (i.e. money where the mouth is) I will do the 62'9"...and stanchions. ;)


The 42' conversion has been formally added to the worklist.



hi folks


any idea what width those side support poles would be on the timber wagons?

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