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Sealion / seacow

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Hows things everyone.Ive just a quick question,im going to start re painting some bachmann sealion /seacow wagons over the weekend into NIR yellow livery.The thing is 4 of the 7 wagons have a mesh canopy which must have been added to the later seacow units.I just want make sure this wasnt on any of NIRs wagons before i snip it off,any of the pictures ive seen didnt have the canopy.Any help would be great thanks.

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It is, I believe, important to remember this; it is your model railway, your rolling stock and your right to have on it what you wish.


I have many different items on my railway. Not all of these should be running at the same time - but, it is my railway, and I run on it, that which I wish to run, at the time I wish to.


There are many wonderful model railways depicted on this forum created by many people with varying skills and expertise. I have learnt from observing many of these layouts, however, I still remain true to my belief that I shall enjoy my layout as I wish to. If you don't do this you will constantly be chasing perfection, something that cannot ever exist. Improvement and advances will always outdate that of yesterday.


Time would appear to be on your side as I assume you are a young person. May you have many years of enjoyment in this wonderful hobby which allows us to start, leave, and return to it as time and finances allow.


My first electric model railway was given to me when I was 12 or 13 Years old, it was Tri-ang. I'm a fairly ancient old fossil now, however, I have two railways, one at home and one exhibition model "Old Blarney". Old B will be exhibited at the Falkirk Model Railway Exhibition, Falkirk, Scotland, this November, 2014. I hope to have three rakes if NIR passenger stock Hunslet, Blue Grey and the Inter City as well as my ballast wagons - sealion /seacow on the layout. There are a number photographs and video of OB on this forum, have a look if you wish.


Remember we are hear to assist you in the pursuit of your hobby.


Good luck and may you enjoy many years of railway modelling.


David J, White.

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As Garfield notes and as the picture shows  a difference was it had operating wheels etc at one end only. Worth checking but IIRC the vac cylinder was at the non operating end, so to get a better look you will, like me, have a little bag of spares. 

Check out Railtec transfers Irish range for numbers and crests - I am sure that you will have the weathering  spot on! 


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