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I picked up this from the forum here. Thanks! The chassis is a lima 52 from ebay that arrived in terrible condition. Paid over the odds but the motor seems ok. Anyway. Bit of chopping later . Spot of soldering and I am nearly there. Have the decals waiting from Studio scale models too. Impressed by the kit and decals. Inspired to make a few more. 20140616_223553.jpg




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Rich,its a pity you bought that chassis as with most pancake motors-poor

running.I recommend the Hornby deltic which has a nice chassis that can

be cut and shut,and has great slow running.I got mine from Hattons for 36 stl.

You can see on my workbench my a39 build with SSM detail kit as well as the

A class sound chip.

Are you sticking in any lighting in the headlights?.

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Thanks mr enniscorthy. It is a lima looked ok online but when i got it it appears to have been kept somewhere damp. I spent a good while cleaning it and re soldered the connections/replaced the wire. Runs ok. Pity - i sold an old mainline that was a strong runner not too long ago! I wouldnt really have a clue about lights. I have a few LEDS lying about and a resistor or too but i dont really want to make a mess of this nice kit!

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