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Rapido Trains announce APT-E

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That is EPIC. The interior is feckin brilliant. i agree with Noel, they should have put it on a straight bit of track, I'm surprised it could even get on that radius.


Yes its impressive that's for sure, but really needs to be run on a minimum 16ft long layout with large radius curves to look right. The interior is spectacular.

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I believe it was run on such tight curves to show that it can be run on 'trainset' layouts if so desired. I know Rapido found it hard to believe that such tight radius curves were commonplace on British layouts and needed to be catered for.


Can't wait to receive mine.

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Hope you don't have curves like that WB as you wont be able to run an opposite Service giving the nose sticks out a fair bit.


I was reading it doe not go over set track points though.


Just ponied up the cash for my one there now, It better be awesome.


I havent got any curves at all at the moment (well, apart from my backside and belly but that's a different story!)


I think the overhang on the real thing means that even the most generous curves on the biggest layouts will still have it looking odd and possibly fouling stock coming the other way. I just cant say no to prototype trains from across the water though! Always thought it looked the business.

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Fraid the ol lap top is down but I try tonight anyhow to do so and stick em up tomorrow if I manage to get it past the missus. Some Production though the box alone is just sublime!


One on Ebay nearly at the £600 pounds mark!! 747 euros.


Could I be tempted to flog it for a few more Bulleid Pacifics!!

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Enjoy. It's often the 'looking forward bit' that is the best part about collecting rare items. Some video clips or pics would be nice to see in due course.


Absolutely Noel, like a kid a Christmas! I will of course, it'll be getting a nice run out once she arrives.

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Well in my excitement to get out of Work with my new toy train I left it under the desk but it was neverously unwrapped last night and my go what a package. I cant fault any of it really. Manage to get the 4 cars together without much hassle. The lights are cool and the car lights may need dimming down. ran the unit around on my embarrassing track and the sound was great, Love the Jet noise! She ran nice and smooth from the start in both directions for a few laps and she was carefully put back in to the box. gonna have a nice read tonight of the book that came with it!! Was it worth the money, Yes for sure.




all the best.












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Inerior is cool Alrite, already lads on RMWEB looking to Spruce it up!. The Only gripe I would have is the gap between the nose moulding and the main body, its way to pronounced but I am sure the boffins that created this tried to do all they could to eliminate it. I wondered about filler but don't have the guts!

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Yes that's a problem alright. I need to finslise delivery details with them but they have not responded to emails that I sent several weeks ago and this week. With an 11 hour time difference, it's not possible to get them on the phone either. Not too happy about thta at the moment:mad:

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