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BUT Railcars

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How did you do the engines/gearboxes etc?


Thanks Guys for your kind words of encouragement, it's appreciated.


John, I have to confess I cheated. I cropped a picture of the engine and scaled it down to fit. then I printed it off on photographic paper, stuck it onto a piece of plasticard cut to shape and fitted it underneath. It did not escape your eagle eye.



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Looks great.


Beware copying RPSI Cravens colour, or the blue used by the UTA on 111 and 115 in the late 60s for a very short period; these are much lighter. I simply mention this because of the perception occasionally found that the RPSI livery is broadly GNR - it isn't; it's inspired by it (and very well it looks too in my opinion). Actual GNR railway blue, as applied to trams, the MAK loco and railcars and carriages, can still be seen on the Fintona tram at Cultra. What's on those excellent models above, as will be seen, is very considerably darker, which is correct. In reality, when weathered even slightly, it looked a few shades short of navy.

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