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Weathering bench

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21 minutes ago, Noel said:

Very tasty job. Really liked the way the white steps were done too. Very subtle and effective result. Pity the lights in the plough vans don't come wired with an anti-flicker capacitor.

I imagined it was due to me running DC not DCC. Is this not the case? 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Having recently carried out weathering work for a follow forum member who I will leave to him to name himself, is there a want for such a service? 

I know there are listings in the services tab but since some are over 8 years old since their newest post is it a case that there is no one really doing it anymore? 

It is something I would like to do more often if the demand of course was there. 

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  • 2 months later...

The latest edition to the fleet no.184 found itself in the weathering line. My goal was to give the paint more of distressed look as opposed to a more filthy appearance and to push myself more and more with weathering. 

Your thoughts and comments as always are appreciated 





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38 minutes ago, popeye said:

Nicely done, but images look a little misty, is your lens clean?

It was an awkward angle to take the pictures from. 


5 minutes ago, murphaph said:

Maybe take a pic of the roof? That's the bit you tend to see most of as a modeller. Nice work 🙂 Whenever I build up the courage to weather my MM IE stock that's the sort of look I'll be going for. Dirty but not as manky as the IR stuff.

As requested. 

I do offer that service if you don't feel comfortable weathering yourself 😉


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  • 3 weeks later...

Overall lessons learnt so far on my first attempt at this kit. 

1. Patience - not that I rush it but as I wasn't using the recommended hornby or lima mark 3 coaches because i didnt have one I had to plan around how the coach came after and went back together. I could have given this more time as this forced me to jump some steps or do other sooner then was intended. 

2. Milliput - using this for the first time on a project. In some areas i put too much and in others not enough which became apparent when primer was applied after sanding. I think starting in small amounts and slowly building it up would have been better. 

3. Glue - too much on some parts not enough on others. In the areas with too much it can be seen through the paint as a raised lump. 

These are my main take aways for anyone looking at giving it ago. I enjoyed the process and thought the kit very good and this was a good learning experience for the others I will be planning on building in the future. 







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Nice work. I learned a lot from looking at @Noel 's Paintshop thread and @Georgeconna gave me valuable pointers on this livery too.

I'll try to pass on some of what I've learned in the past few weeks as a total newcomer to this painting lark.

It looks like you're spraying the white on last.

I suggest you spray a white pigmented primer over the whole body first, then use good quality (eg Tamiya) 1mm masking tape to mask off the white stripes, then spray the orange, then mask off the rest. Leave the 1mm tape on, lay the lower and upper edges respectively if your upper and lower masking for the black band directly over the centre line of the 1mm tape. It's easier than it sounds. Then spray your black band and start removing masking tape asap in reverse order 

The last thing to come off will be the white stripe tape.

Burnish the edges of your masking tape with the tip of a cocktail stick. If you take time doing this, you can eliminate bleed. Work the tape well into door shuts etc.

What orange did you use? It looks well.

Are you spraying with an airbrush or rattle cans? 


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I normally do reverse masking as I've done on my repainted rakes of mk3s. Was trying something new for my own experience more then anything. As this was my first time building the kit I used it more as a way to experiment. 

Never the less thank you and I've been following your thread and the work on those mk2s are excellent. 

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Also in addition to your point for anyone looking to try their hand at repainting, putting down the white first as even a primer layer helps give the orange a brighter look. 

I use Ral 2011 through an airbrush. 

Edited by Dempsey
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  • 2 months later...

That looks PURE 1961!

This actually shows up very well how a grey-painted model ends up with realistic coal dust, oil and soot weathering. Many people thought that most engines were black - I did myself as a mere spotty teen - in late CIE days; in fact only a few were, if they'd seen a paintbrush literally within the last five years or so of steam. Not many did - but they all ended up looking exactly like this, as numerous photos show in numerous books, and an ever-decreasing handful of us remember.  After all, it's 58 years since steam ended on CIE, and some SEVENTY years before the AEC railcars largely displaced it from main line passenger trains....

The green Woolwich is exactly as many of the green engines ended up - so disgracefully grubby that it was actually not easy to tell whether they were green, grey or black under it.

Excellent job, Dempsey; beautifully filthy, decrepit and untidy looking locos - thus, highly recommended!

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Good stuff, poor things! As JB says, once the writing was on the wall, few bothered about cleaning steam locos, it was only about keeping them running. Given their use of such a dirty fuel, it doesn't take long for a coat of grime to appear and maybe because I'm old enough to remember the end of steam, I actually find weathered locos attractive. I think a coat of grime can serve to highlight certain features, while the initial cost of black or grey often does the opposite.

 Either way, nicely done.

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On 12/10/2021 at 9:31 PM, Dempsey said:

I recently had the opportunity to try my hand at weathering various steam locomotives for the first time. 

Yoir thoughts as always are appreciated. 


I have no interest in steam whatsoever if I'm honest. Even so, that's a great job. 

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080 got the good news over the Christmas break and 210 got some work done removing some of my early attempts at weathering. 085 is currently on the work bench receiving some work to help with that factory weathering. As always your thoughts are appreciated. 




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