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Rails 121 Weathered

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Indeed - not great.

The grey one has the “wrong dirt in the wrong places”, perhaps; are these things “factory-done”?

In real life, with a livery as impractical as pale grey and yellow for a locomotive (and initially still surrounded by steam engines!), this livery got filthy quickly.

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Ah, would ye all stop with the moaning, like a bunch of old washer ladies?

The IE one looks great.

Sure, you could nitpick that the windows weren't covered and the bogie dirt is the wrong colour, but overall it looks excellent, and would look even better sitting on some of the layouts that we've seen here on the forum.

Anyhow, it's your fault that they're doing this, George! They wouldn't waste their time if the likes of you or Noel were pumping out batches of them.

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Looks a little bland perhaps. Wonder if they were sent slowly down a conveyer belt in a line past an automated spray station. About the only thing you can say is it takes the pristine plastic shiny plastic look off them. Lots of airbrush shadows where pristine plastic was missed.

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