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  1. Shinkansen thanks for your comments and also for your very helpful thread on Mark3's which is how I got started, just another 4 standards and a genny van to go!
  2. Finished off my first Mk3 standard coach yesterday, images at the links below. Sorry to the purists but I am working on an Irish Layout at the minute so Canada will have to do!
  3. When did the Enterprise get a bell and K5L Nathan airhorn. That must be some of the worst sound dubbing ever!!!
  4. The coach is now completed using Railtec Transfers. See images at the below link
  5. Just starting to put some photos up on my flickr account of a visit to British Columbia, of course every photo will have a train in it. Super part of the world for super trains although the scenery is all right as well. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nirailfan/ Enjoy
  6. Thanks for the comments. I sold the Soo line and BC Rail locos at the weekend so as to get a Murphy 071.
  7. Just a few snaps of some motive power on my layout http://www.flickr.com/photos/nirailfan/
  8. Some pictures, Enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nirailfan/8144080544/in/photostream/
  9. Just put a picture on flickr of 112 with the IR window frames and the new light clusters but the engine fan cowling and fans are all blue and the name plate is still painted in the more traditional colours.
  10. Looking for some advice, after fitting the transfers/decals from Railtec what is best used to protect them from damage?
  11. Kyosho 1mm tape found it on ebay, worked very well
  12. 1mm masking tape, a bit of a pain!!
  13. Here is a link to a couple of pictures of my first attempt at respraying Mark 3 coaches in Irish Rail colours.
  14. For NIR 2 days late is still within "The Passengers Charter" targets for ontime performance!
  15. I think "Carrick Disaster" is harsh. I think we all forget that not so long ago there was 1 show per year. What I see at shows is layouts presented by the same people year after year and its not easy to find new layouts to show. The Ulster Model Club should be encouraged to find new layouts and continue with a show that does attract in the general public in the town and just might sow a seed in the mind of some of the children and hopefully future modellers. If you have never been to Cultra before if its the same as other year's bring a torch because the lighting is pathetic.
  16. Thanks for all the info, now lets get started!!!
  17. Could you please list the details of the Paint, lining and transfer types used in this project?? They look fantastic, well done.
  18. Here is a link to a fantastic assembled model bridge but only 27 inches long but you could get 2! http://www.blmamodels.com/cgi-bin/webstore/shop.cgi?ud=BQIHDQkADgACBxQUEBEcHAIFAgQCAgwFCQkTEQAA&t=main.blue.htm&storeid=1&cols=1&categories=01001-00021&&c=detail.blue.htm&t=main.blue.htm&itemid=5003
  19. A couple of photos of the latest Intermountain offerings. These run great.
  20. Some photos of the flyer with 112 http://www.flickr.com/photos/nirailfan/
  21. Hattons have put up there pre order price as £125 for the 071's.
  22. Using Lenz 100 system since 1996 and have never had any problems although I did get the software updated twice. Great piece of kit, not flash but great build quality.
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