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Hello Everyone

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Dunluce Castle

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Hello everybody

I had been looking at this site for for nearly over a year now, and yesterday I decided to take the plunge and join, and all I can say is that it's fantastic, with lots of inspiration and help, and I will be asking plenty of questions.


My name is Nelson and as you can probably tell by the signature below, I am 15 years old.

I model the LNER, LMS NCC and UTA, railway modelling has been in my blood ever since I was born, but I took an interest toward irish railway modelling 2 years ago, my locomotive fleet is very small right now but I'm hopping to expand it in the near future, with a 70 class and a V1.

Some people may think because of my age, I've had someone else do the job for me. But that's not true, all my models were either scratch built,painted or lined by myself (honest)

I will start a workbench thread and a thread on my models very soon, where you can all keep up to date with my loco fleet and what I'm making.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Many thanks



If anyone is interested this is my youtube channel, where I post videos of the RPSI, exhibitions and our home layout.




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Welcome aboard. Those lining pen skills are outstanding. Care to share your equipment and techniques? The layout is superb, and any lad that age with both the skill and interest in NCC/UTA/BCDR/GNRI etc is to be commended. Colmflanagan Mk II perhaps....




Thanks for the welcome guys

I wish I knew how to use a lining pen, but I use transfers instead, they look ok to be honest.

Colm has helped me lots with my venture into irish railways, so thank you.

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Welcome Nelson.

You have talent, I get the impression you've learnt a lot from you're dad though I could be wrong.

Either way its nice to see another young modeller on here as it's what the hobby needs.

Especially one modelling Irish outline! :tumbsup:


Thanks for the welcome and comment.

Your spot on, my dad taught me everything I know, but his specialty is military modelling and building layouts. Where as mine are scratch building and kit building railway items such as wagons.

Thanks (keep an eye on the irish models section where I will be posting my models soon)

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