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Garfield's workbench

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What's this? Garfield? A workbench? In the same sentence? Shocking stuff.


And here it is:




There's not much happening on it just yet, but there will be in another week or two after I get through a deluge of print deadlines, election coverage, and getting a festival off the ground!

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It's what comes off of the production line that matters and the finished wagon will look sweet Pat. Richies mat is R&D pre production, production, post production and finish all in one. No doubt yours will be the same soon Pat. The Dapol Deltic is looking good Richrua.



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A quick photo as work continues tonight...




One annoying thing is that, unlike the CIÉ version, the 'X' bracing on the BR palvan extends right to the corner, so a bit of compromise was needed when adding the styrene corner brackets. Some raised detailing also had to be shaved off as it wasn't present on the Irish wagon, and also so the sliding door (more styrene) will fit snugly when laid over the existing double door.

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It appears to me that there are three main differences between the bodies of the CIE and BR palvans:

1) Sliding doors

2) Wider roof to accommodate the sliding doors

3) Corrugated ends

The latter two differences can be accommodated easily by substituting the roof and ends from the BR vanwide kit. Does anyone have experience of obtaining 'spares' from Parkside Dundas?



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