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Finally the launch of my layout.Based on nowhere and running anything.My engines are all MM but most of my fleet is u.k stock but I will try irishise them. It is a work in progress.Have most of the track laid but fine tweaking it especially the wiring. At the moment all points are hand operated until I figure out the wiring. Little or no scenery down until I'm happy with layout. With all the other great layouts seen here, its a hard act to follow. Its taken me nearly 35 yrs to get this far. I have it the attic which is'nt ideal. I'd love a man shed !! Attic is not ideal as I have a chimney in the middle and have those roof supports also in the way so can't see half the layout at any one time. I have a little video which isn't up to much. Did it to see if I could post it here so apologies and will try a better one soon.[video=youtube_share;DVMJQhqi944]

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Looking good. I particularly like that last photo scene.


There's a lot to do, but that's what I like about the hobby - your never finishedor at least Im never !!


Your dead right. I'm 22 years at our layout and I haven't even got near the beginning of the end, put perhaps nearing the end of the beginning thanks to inspiration from the incredible railway modellers on this forum.

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