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RIP Bob Symes

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I met Bob at Cultra in 2004 . Adavoyle Junction and Belturbet was also on show at Cultra .


We had a great discussion on building a garden live steam tram engine using a osmotor and Mamod boiler. We spent a good 20 minutes talking and he was in no rush to go .


He was on Mark Founds Garden Railway series which son number 1 enjoyed and watched every day like every young child would watch their favorite video / dvd . He was delighted to meet Bob in person and had his photo taken with him . The 4 year old back then still remembers meeting Bob 10 years later .


I still have the model railway video's recorded from the TV series in the 80's .


Tomorrows World was where I first saw Bob on the TV .

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Sad news, he was an ambassador for railways and railway modelling in general. Was good on tomorrows world too


Very sad, indeed - back when presenters were expected to really know about things. Both he and Raymond Baxter will never be equalled.


It is a bygone time...

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He was a fine modeller - does anyone remember his layout Payerbrook & Fairlie, which featured two stations, later extended to three, plus a tramway - quite delightful. I believe that he was also involved in the unsuccessful first attempt to re-open the Carlisle to Edinburgh line as the Border Counties Railway.



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He was certainly innovative in his modelling breaking the boundaries with a diesel electric and diesel? hydraulic powered Brush Type 4 & Hymek in the early 1970s. The design and construction of the Class 47 was covered in a detailed series of articles in Model Railways magazine, used to look forward as a teenager to colleting the latest edition every month from Southern Model Railways Grafton Arcade.

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I met the great Bob at a Pangbourne College Founders' day twenty years ago, when my son was a pupil there.


My wife, who is a professional home economist (we'd say COOK!) persuaded him that as she RE-ENGINEERED food, in the course of making a dish, she therefore was as much an engineer as him! They had a great bit of banter.


A truly lovely and talented man, who will be missed, but remembered with great affection.


He had his model (some enormous scale) working Brush 4 diesel with him - engineering in miniature if I ever saw it!



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