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ROTEM Livery Mistake

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Fresh off the boat.

Plastic comes off.

Wrong livery.






Vandalism at the North Wall.

Situation unclear.

Gardai not investigating.

More info later.






Thanks to The Wanderer for kind use of his pics. Richie.



Only a few months now lads til 01st April:banana:





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The 67 looks a bit familiar with the angled cab front. I have to say the orange livery is without doubt the livery that will last longer in the memory than the others currently running. I've always had a soft spot for the Cravens in their last livery, and the MK11's in IE livery with black roof. Jim's idea to repaint a 66 in the Intercity livery would be interesting.



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Hi Glenderg,


nice bit of photoshop work on the Rotem rail car. Well done. I am a fan of the current livery for these (much better than the Mk4s), but do miss the old orange and black. It was in fairness a very distinctive livery. This compulsion to paint everything here silvery-grey and call it modern has gone a little over the top in my opinion. Transport should be in bright and distintive colours i.e. Yellow cabs in NY, Red Buses in London, Green and Yellow Trams in Melbourne etc...


The orange livery with a bit of tweaking actually looks quiet contempory, It almost appears metallic with the black appearing almost gunmetal. Nice :tumbsup:

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Nice livery job, Richie, though the 22s look better in green. Prettiest thing on the network these days, they are (071s in black and silver being better looking but certainly not 'pretty'). The 22s are how I learned to love railcars and stop longing for Cravens.


Here's the 89 in Supertrain livery, which is great - http://www.fictitiousliveries.co.uk/photo.php?89011_ob.jpg.


Try the 47 in black and tan - that orange doesn't suit it at all. The 67 is good.


Someone did a 58 on here (or the old site) in orange and black a way back which looked superb.



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I agree that the Rotem looked very good in the orange. A pity IE don't realise that!


If you attend exhibitions here in the South of England (that's the big place next door!) you may have seen an A4 in Virgin livery and a Spam Can in SWT livery! Nightmare!


However, the Jinty ran "up North" so none of this repainting it in black and tan!



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