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  1. As DiveController says the tension locks are hit and miss,I've had similar problems with cravens and mk2 coaches,some were uncoupling some were fine.I switched the lot to kadees and it seems to have worked,i haven't had any problems since.
  2. God this is good,that second photo looking towards the bridge is stunning,I hadn't seen this thread before,I'm heading back to the start.
  3. It's just a bog standard bag of ballast i picked up in marks Jb.I mixed up some pva and water and spread it with a syringe and then let it harden.The colour of the ballast wasn't great so i made up the grey with powders and brushed on,then sealed with matt varnish.
  4. Cheers thanks,no its just a small shelf I keep in the shed for storing bits and pieces on while I'm working on them,it was just handier to take the photos on that while I was outside.
  5. Thanks very much Richie,regarding the weathering i used most of what you mentioned.Enamel washes which were mixed to make certain colours and airbrushed on.The weathering powders i brushed on dry and also used wet in some areas which helps with the streaking.The rust effect was also made up from the powders,and i buy cotton buds in bulk quantities
  6. Slowly but surely I'm starting to get very tempted by this wagon,note to self:I must be stronger
  7. The casting has the rippled effect of the canvas JB,its just a matter of drawing it back out after spraying it,bit of work but its worth the effort i think.
  8. Cheers lads thanks for the comments.
  9. Ive hardly got near the workbench since the last post which was a few weeks back,Id been dipping in and out if i got a chance in the evenings after work but realised i was getting nowhere fast,so i decided to concentrate on getting 2 or 3 of the wagons done instead of trying to do them all together,just to get an idea of how they looked when finished.Ive a couple of weeks off over the christmas to look forward to so Ill have a bit more spare time to put into completing the remainder then,which will be 15 in total.Im also going to order some of the vertical door version from IFM in the new year to add a bit of variety to the rake.Here are some pics of the 4 that are done to date.Decals and lamps are from the ever reliable Des (SSM).
  10. I think it would be a welcome feature to the wagon for anyone that wouldn't want to attempt to weather it themselves for fear of thinking they might ruin the model.I think its fair to say a few of us have been there.
  11. Cheers,thanks for the comments.
  12. Bit more progress with the curtain sides.Chassis`have had their couplers and buffers added and have all got a blast of paint.I have also attached a Kadee to the what will be the lead wagon.[ATTACH=CONFIG]20670[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]20671[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]20672[/ATTACH]Im going to get cracking on the bodies over the weekend if i get a chance but sure that never goes to plan:)Im hoping when finished to get them close to how they looked around the mid 90s.Their appearance from any videos i seen from that period had them looking heavily weathered and just tired looking in general with the main colour of blue barely showing thru.
  13. Thanks,much appreciated.
  14. Next up,I decided to put to good use some Dapol prestwin kits which i had picked up a while back,so i ordered myself some curtain-sided resin bodies from David at D&M models.I really like the look of this wagon and Im looking forward to getting stuck into them over the next few weeks.I made a start on a few of the chassis last week so im going to keep going on them before i do anything else.
  15. Love that corrugated shed,this just gets better as it progresses.
  16. Any of the standards I've seen without the genny knocking around are all resprays.Most of them look well once its had a decent paint job done on it.
  17. The four together are Bachmann twin packs which were produced for marks models,the one on its own is a railtrack re spray with SSM decals.
  18. Thanks for the comments,much appreciated
  19. Hi all,Ive finally got back around to starting a few bits and pieces so i thought it wouldnt do any harm to post a few bits along the way.I did post an NIR ballst wagon which i had re sprayed some time last year which i got positive feedback on so i will also be finishing them off at some stage.Here is some IE auto-ballasters that ive been working on.Ive added a ballast load and gave them a bit of a weathering and tail lamps added which are from SSM.I have done four with two more to be finished which will make a nice rake of six with two generators at both ends.
  20. Very nice,love the shed.
  21. I loved the liveries of the early/mid 90s myself,but your right i find its very hard not to pick up anything either side of that!as you said life is short run what you want.
  22. Lovely layout,nice to see the different liveries from different times instead of having to stick to a certain era.
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