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Darstead produced Tin Plate coarse scale models back in the day

They have had a reinvention in the last couple of years and although they stated they were staying true to the old companys values their new range of locos looks stunning, very detailed for coarse scale

Theit coaches still have the tin plate "toy" look but their new wagon range looks impressive

Couple of UK based agents so it may be available a bit cheaper from the UK, at least the postage would be half or so.

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These are available at any of the fairs I do with Chris Dyer

RRP £165 or €200 depending on the rate

However liveries and running numbers are limited to whats available on the day

S/F will not have any new Irish outline bits till Feb at the earliest and then it depends on what he has produced, not what you want

Looking at the Box for the A that sold its for A7 in Black/Orange/White livery so I reckon there are some more bits to come from this seller

An L149439-1 set that this seller had listed was sold to an American friend of the forum for €103. A bargain compared to what this set made 3 years ago!

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Appropriate category at least :)


I couldn't help but laugh... He's been trying to flog this lot for quite some time (three years!).



Made by a member here - Irish Freight Models - I can't for the life of me remember what his sign-in was on old the yuku forums. He makes a fine wagon does Tom. An unusual prototype as you say, too - makes an interesting comparison to modern day Tara wagons.



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They look like a stunning little freight rake! What donor us under the D303?


The shunter is a Hornby. I think it's almost the last of Hornby 08s that I have laying around. When I get the chance to do myself another 301 class it'll be a Bachmann, of which I have several with sound. I wonder how similar the 301 class sound is to the British 08?!

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