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Couple of Mk 3 repaints on eBay this evening, finished at around 7pm

They were at £5, so I thought I would have a little punt, finishing in 30 minutes

When I placed my bid I got the dreaded "Wont post to Ireland" notice

I checked the sellers location


Some sellers need help =D

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I'd say it's a reproduction, and a very, very good one. The give away is the side edges, they are too sharp, whereas the outer edges of the text and lip are rough like you'd expect. Mother nature doesn't discriminate with weathering. Not a sign of the original black paint either, and it's missing two mounting lugs at the back, which wouldn't be in a casting, only an original. I could be wrong, but I smell a long tailed rodent.



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I didn't think a sign would be worth that much


€50 absolute tops, IF it were the real deal. Seen this seller before, panders to a guillable US market.


Complained that he listed a BR(M) sign as being Irish, he re-listed as being from 'Northern Ireland'. Pure chancer.

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The Passage one is as genuine as a €3 note. Hope you didn't shell out too much for it. ;)


The amount of repros of the GSWR variety has debased the price of the real thing.

Plus the real one is (relatively) easy to come by, think of the sheer numbers of farmers' gates around the country they were once attached to.

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