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For anyone looking a real challenge in kit building have a look at these two.


Q KITS Irish railways 141 /071 class - resin kit


Q KITS Irish railways 001 class - resin kit


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Terrible pity he wont post to IRELAND

strange one ?

Irish locos = Irish market

tried a few bids but rejected


To get around this, ebay lets you put in alternative addresses. If you have a mate in the uk, use his/her address (with permission!) and make it the 'primary' mailing address. Arrange to get the person to post it onto you or pick it up when visiting.

Just make sure to put your primary address back to Irl when you go bidding on other things.


Alternatively, contact the seller well ahead of end and they may change the postage settings if you ask nicely.


Be warned, I had a Q kits 'A' and it was as rough as a badger's ar*e.

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The postage to the UK is madder still - and to cap it all he's away until a week after the auction finishes so you won't be getting the item terribly quickly either...

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