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Felt like Christmas this morning i cleared the layout and turned it into an nir scene with buses and trucks will be posting a video over the weekend.Now for the class 80 what can I say I'm surprised the wipers don't work they look so real,the flush glazing is fantastic paint work is amazing I plan on taking this day 3 weeks off work and locking my self in the attic.I would like to thank Ivor and Walter for bringing the layout to life ye did one hell of a job

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Have just about completed a second set, finished in surburban sector livery and seen below alongside my original model, from the early 1990s. I think I prefer the Ford Ivory I used this time as cream, in place of the somewhat yellow Triumph Honeysuckle used originally (which I could have got mixed but is no longer on the shelves). The other colour is the same, Ford Monza Red IIRC...or was it Flame Red? Anyway, the new model was made exactly as per the intercity/corporate 'bumblebee'-liveried set, from two Tri-ang Hornby Mk2a TSO coaches and one of their Mk2a brakes. Apart from the livery, the only difference is that this time the Hornby HST bogies in the power car are fitted to a modified and extended HST power car underframe, instead of modifying the coach floor unit. Suburban lettering is 5mm Helvetica Letraset or Eddings rub-down transfers (protected by a light coat overall of varnish), car numbers are Ratio coach numbers, white & orange lining is Model Technics Trimline. NIR logos are hand-painted.















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the 80 class 3 units I think, maroon & silver livery with Irish rail logos were in service south of the border on loan from NIR. Irish rail used the 3 units as one 9 car unit for the all Ireland final to keep up with demand. So there is hope for use as Irish rail 80class as well as NIR

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