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On 2/20/2018 at 11:24 PM, Glenderg said:

Deadly! Really good light to work from, even if it's tedious decal stuff.


13 hours ago, seanrail said:

Good luck, Robbie58.


3 hours ago, jason brady said:

That's a handy piece of kit Robbie, like it alot.


49 minutes ago, murrayec said:

Excellent idea, I like it a lot....


Thanks :D The main modelling set up is at home, but with the addition of a few essentials, LED strip and some inspiration I might be able to get a bit more done with this mini set up.


@leslie10646 might be interested to see the above video!

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I was experimenting with printing my own decals this weekend using Mr Decal Paper.  What are the options for making decals with white text on a clear background? The Wexford Bus has white text on the windows. If I was doing the speed van again, I would use decals for the chevrons and blue & yellow panels.

xIMG_2192.JPG.777f9e1ab019ad06a6f94d29455eecb8.JPG xIMG_2194.JPG.b4e13886331912e6d4696f1765c59524.JPG xIMG_2195.JPG.4ac67f49a222b20403670f2970213404.JPG xIMG_2196.JPG.c2c30895335f7669b2e32668cf73e041.JPG xIMG_2197.JPG.c230663337355479b36fda0b33957b69.JPG

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