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Irish Footbridge I have modelled the footbridge that is present in Wellingtonbridge. This footbridge is similar to many of the pedestrian bridges seen across the Irish Rail network. There are sev

Sugar Beet Sampling Wellingtonbridge was the primary beet loading site in south Wexford until the sugar beet traffic ceased in 2005. A large mechanical beet loader loomed over the station, which

Oil Tank Wagons I have the oil tankers painted with decals applied. The next step will be weathering as they definitely require toning down. I 3D printed the reinforcement strip down the sides of

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On 2/20/2018 at 11:24 PM, Glenderg said:

Deadly! Really good light to work from, even if it's tedious decal stuff.


13 hours ago, seanrail said:

Good luck, Robbie58.


3 hours ago, jason brady said:

That's a handy piece of kit Robbie, like it alot.


49 minutes ago, murrayec said:

Excellent idea, I like it a lot....


Thanks :D The main modelling set up is at home, but with the addition of a few essentials, LED strip and some inspiration I might be able to get a bit more done with this mini set up.


@leslie10646 might be interested to see the above video!

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Looking forward to this Robbie, have some of these tucked away myself.I've been meaning to order some detailing kits from SSM before I get going on them.

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On 7/16/2018 at 12:08 AM, RobertRoche said:

I am converting some flat top autoballasters to round top in preparation for painted into IÉ yellow. Some filing and filling and they should make it past the two foot rule.

IMG_2110 Cropped.jpg


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I was experimenting with printing my own decals this weekend using Mr Decal Paper.  What are the options for making decals with white text on a clear background? The Wexford Bus has white text on the windows. If I was doing the speed van again, I would use decals for the chevrons and blue & yellow panels.

xIMG_2192.JPG.777f9e1ab019ad06a6f94d29455eecb8.JPG xIMG_2194.JPG.b4e13886331912e6d4696f1765c59524.JPG xIMG_2195.JPG.4ac67f49a222b20403670f2970213404.JPG xIMG_2196.JPG.c2c30895335f7669b2e32668cf73e041.JPG xIMG_2197.JPG.c230663337355479b36fda0b33957b69.JPG

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