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2 hours ago, RobertRoche said:

A few details added to the beet sampler office to give it some life.


Excellent stuff Robert. Sometimes just lighting a building is enough to liven up it's appearance and give the illusion that something is going on inside. But to have a detailed interior like this makes all the difference. Top job. 

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Thanks everyone. This is a background scene so I really haven't gone overboard on it. The interior will be lit and the confuser will be plugged in. The figure is from China and they usually find themselves in carriages after getting their legs chopped off. 

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Nice to have in model form, even more so because it was a one off. Definitely adds a little more interest when its seen mixed amongst the beet wagons. 

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Currently on the workbench is this paint job which required plenty of masking. There are some areas that have suffered from overspray and poor finish before I hand paint some details and add decals. The lighting circuits will also require some work to get the appropriate headlights.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks, this is the Bachmann class 150. The only alteration that I made was to remove the driver's door on one side, remove the exhaust and remove some of the roof ridges towards either end.

I started with black and masked off the lining using 0.5mm tape. I then applied the white, blue, green and yellow ends in that order. Overall I am satisfied with how it came out but there are a significant amount of paint errors to correct.


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