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Five years this month

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The forum celebrates it's fifth year this month Stephen, Pat, Fran and myself had discussed the need for a new forum and over some exchanges of ideas Stephen got everything up and running. The idea was to have a group that was going to push the hobby forward and be a friendly place for people to talk about and share ideas. The Yuku group had become a dictatorship run by one guy and his many personalities and aliases and rightfully is long gone. We have many members that have huge knowledge of both the prototype and model world which is invaluable for a forum like this. We also have collectors on the forum that give a lot of their time and knowledge The Murphy Models, Lima thread is a great resource for both modellers and collectors.


The lad's run the forum fantastically when you consider it is all on their own time. We have had a few bad apples over the years but they we're dealt with as they should be and shown the door. It has been overall a great five years and the release of the first model from Irish Railway Models is a testament as to how far the hobby has been taken when you consider the IRM team are four members of the forum.


I look forward to the next five years which I am certain will be even more fantastic then the previous five,



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Huge congratulations to Pat, Fran, Stephen and yourself Rich, on putting so much time and effort into running this wonderful website. I regularly read and look from the sidelines in awe at the layouts, the models and the general advice given out freely by and to members, and I am constantly amazed by the enthusiasm and knowledge out there amongst the contributors. I have my collection stored and soon hope to have the 'manshed' ready to begin my 'opus'! When I do this site will be my reference. Thank you everyone and here's to the next 5 years! Eamonn

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Cheers Rich! It's so hard to believe that we've been on the go for five years already. Time flies by. I'll never forget the early days and the struggles and carry on which happened in the previous incarnation. We've come a long way since we got together and got this show on the road.


We haven't always made the right decision (especially in the early days) and have made mistakes but overall I like to think that the forum has been pretty successful and a better place to be than the previous incarnation. Certainly, I cannot think of another forum which has given birth to a a model making company making stock!


In a few weeks we'll have the first Irish RTR injected moulded accurate wagon in stock to celebrate our birthday. If you told us five years ago that we'd be doing that I would've laughed my ass off. But here we are. It's also just the beginning and in five years time things will have pushed forward even further. (that's enough trumpet blowing!)


We have over 800 members and plenty of lurkers who do come up to me at shows now and say they read the site all the time but havent registered. We would love to see you register and participate, show your modelling projects, layouts, hints and tips and have the craic too. It's what it's all about at the end of the day.


Though Irish Railway Models I have met plenty of members in the last year or so and when all is said and done the forum is nothing without you all. It's all about the content you guys share and chat about that makes it what it is and me and the mod team are eternally grateful to you guys for that. :)

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I couldn't agree more.


It's been a fascinating place to gain inspiration and share information on all aspects of railway enthusiasm, not only models.


Your posts and your knowledge of our railways is like a bible for all railway enthusiasts, and are something I always look forward to reading.



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Just come across this thread and its only right you should want to celebrate a birthday in style, congrats's to all you guys who set this up, you have helped me find out more information about Irish railways than anyone else, Sorry If I keep asking simple questions, but I hope you can continue to humor me.



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