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Uploading photos here

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I started posting a few “A” and “B101” class pics on this website the other day.

Now I can’t: it says “Error 200” when I try.

Yet I’ve posted pics on other websites like this (RMWeb) and also FB pages. No problems. 

Anyone know what the glitch is - and in English rather than computer-speak? (On sight of the words “server” or “IP address”, my brain automatically ceases entirely to function; re-booting is impossible.)

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Me three.

Boskonay posted something the other day about some features not surviving the server migration, so they need to be re-sized to much smaller dimensions before uploading.

Likewise for PM's, "Error 200" when trying to attach pictures from the mobile. Too lazy to re-size them!

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On 28/5/2021 at 9:15 PM, Irishswissernie said:

As an aside just noticed the window size differences to accommodate the Tablet Catcher.

I don't think there is a difference. I think it's just that the snatcher is covering the open droplight.

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16 minutes ago, airfixfan said:

Have tried about 20 times to upload photos over the last 4 weeks. Only once was I succesful!

What file size / type / dimensions are the photos? The upload limits are -very- generous and should handle any regular photo taken with a camera or phone?

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