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Greystones Model Railway Layout.

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We got our "Portaloos" today. Additional supplies of fuel also arrived.


WP_20151204_21_56_25_Pro (2).jpg

An off-shore wind whipped up small waves. Tesco made a delivery, too.


WP_20151204_21_56_57_Pro (2).jpg

Detail of sand and sea, perhaps threatening some coastal erosion?



For those who might be interested in the movement sequence at the Greystones Model, it follows here-under. Effectively, the station has to serve as a passing loop for all traffic between Bray and Wicklow. Surprisingly, I have yet to complete the whole sequence without a hitch! At the moment no times are specified, but that will follow.


Movement Sequence at Greystones Station.


1. Down Dart arrives Down platform

2. Up Wicklow Commuter arrives Up Platform

3. Up Wicklow Commuter departs Bray

4. Down Dart moves to Up Platform

5. Down Commuter arrives Down Platform

6. Up Dart Departs Bray

7. Up Timber empty arrives Up Platform

8. Down Commuter departs Wicklow

9. Up Timber reverses empties into Timber Yard siding

10. Up Timber divides empties between both yard sidings

11. Down Dart arrives Up platform

12. Up Dart departs Up platform

13. Timber loco shunts loaded wagons together

14. Down Commuter arrives Up Platform

15. Down Commuter departs Wicklow

16. Up Timber departs siding to Greystones Down Platform

17. Timber loco detaches from train and uses Up loop to go around train.

18. Down Timber loco attaches to train and departs Wicklow

19. Down Dart arrives Up platform

20. Up Dart departs Bray

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Buffers 1 WP_20160123_17_03_57_Smart.jpg

General view showing the new buffers. These are made from parts created with our 3D printer.


New Fence  2 Buffers WP_20160123_17_02_40_Smart.jpg

As well as new orange buffers, the yard has been made more secure, by the addition of new fencing.


Who threw that fuel barrel over the wall?


Missing Barrell WP_20160123_17_11_35_Smart.jpg

Work continuing on the southern fiddle yard. The left hand track will also serve as storage for the DART, held overnight in order to provide an early morning sevice to Dublin.

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I like the chain link fencing, "from whence did you source said fence, young sir"




It's home spun- .8mm piano wire soldered up with U-POL aluminium reinforcing mesh for car body repair epoxied on, I've a few little 'CIE NO Trespass' signs, barbed wire on the top, and some weathering to go on yet...



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Hi All


Well now I'm sure you noticed things are moving along slowly what with other commitments and the like.... but here are a few shots taken today of the concrete paved surface of the timber yard. As seen in previous posts the surface is cardboard with several coats of coloured plaster, the replica joints are knife cuts with a soft pencil line run in the cut, lead pencil dust is also smeared around to give contrasting effect


GS-34 IMAG2066.jpg


GS-35 IMAG2067.jpg


GS-36 IMAG2068.jpg


GS-37 IMAG2069.jpg


GS-38 IMAG2070.jpg


More layers later...



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