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Greystones Model Railway Layout.

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Hi All and thanks for the great comments


The first layer of static grass went down today, this is 2mm grass at track side- looking burnt from the constant weed spraying! The photos are taken just after application, the next post will be of the hovered site and hopefully well have burnt grass both sides of track....


GS-87 WP_20161007_001.jpg


GS-88 WP_20161007_002.jpg


GS-89 WP_20161007_003.jpg


Eoin & CM

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Oh. This is equally important work. The Master has so much on his plate while I lack the skills he possess in such bounty, that progress may be slow, but it is persistent. [And he is standing at my shoulder as I type, with the static grass unit in his hand!]

By the by, Kirley, he claims to that he has done further work on those bogies! :trains:

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Hi All


Thanks for the great comments and looking in,


The last layer of grass went down today, field grass I call it- a mixture of size and colour. This was added to the field behind the beach and adjacent the bridges, and a bit mixed in here n there around the tracks for variation. The breeches got a smattering of long grass around the water edge which will intermingle with the reeds- eventually!


Scattered flock and ground cover is next- gorse, brambles n ferns.......


GS-108 IMAG2426.jpg


GS-109 IMAG2427.jpg


GS-110 IMAG2432.jpg


GS-111 IMAG2430.jpg


GS-112 IMAG2431.jpg


CM has been painting figures, this chap is looking very 60's in his wine strides n white cap

GS-113 IMAG2433.jpg


A bit of timber loading going on

GS-114 IMAG2434.jpg


Eoin & CM

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Hi Friday again!


Here are a few shots of the first fine detail layer going down- contrasting grass tufts and the start of the reeds in the Breeches. We are very happy with how the Breeches is panning out, some Bulrushes in next and its almost done. Also some masking of the transition line at the weed sprayed grass is needed, the contrast is to much with the green grass- brambles n flock should do the trick....


GS-115 IMAG2455.jpg


GS-116 IMAG2457.jpg


GS-117 IMAG2458.jpg


GS-118 IMAG2460.jpg


GS-119 IMAG2462.jpg


GS-120 IMAG2465.jpg



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Thanks chaps


This is what we were doing yesterday on the layout, sticking down these little bits


2 nights a harvesting.

GS-125 IMAG2471.jpg


The Bulrush! 6mm static grass tuft with bristles from a cement brush stuck in, then painted green with a thick blob of brown at the top.

GS-126 IMAG2473.jpg


The Wild Shrubs! the same bristles glued in clumps, bent over and painted, fine wool is draped over some, flock is added, and all glued down with Mod Podge glue spray.

GS-127 IMAG2472.jpg


GS-128 IMAG2470.jpg



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Christmas is over, back into railway modelling on an intense scale but slow start. Dart in shop getting bogie adjustments and service being rendered, but these are just to show that we are still active.





Greys-02 10Feb17 WP_20170204_001.jpg


Greys-03 10Feb17 WP_20170205_004.jpg

I take responsibility for the slightly perpendicularly challanged buffers in this shot.


Greys-04 10Feb17 WP_20170204_006.jpg


Greys-05 10Feb17 WP_20170205_006.jpg

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