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Greystones Model Railway Layout.

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How come you decided to omit the small goods yards sidings in greystones ? , they were there well into the diesel era ?




Hi Dave


Firstly closetmodeller's intended running is for the main lines through Greystones Station handling four trains to a time table- Timber Train, Commuter, Other Passenger, and the DART.


Secondly closetmodeller desired a layout in liner fashion, for main line work, and not to take over his office room. Therefore the boards are 400mm deep and the sidings had to go otherwise the layout would be to cluttered.


The outside siding still exists at Greystones and would have been nice to incorporate, but due to the depth of the baseboard it was omitted, as the station building is more important and we wanted to incorporate some of Main Street of Greystones Town in the layout.



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That bridge is a lovely thing - how was it constructed?


Hi BosKonay


The bridge is cut from insulation foam with the hot-wire cutter and then cut strips of foam are stuck on to create the walls and footpath. A paper template is cut from the CAD drawing to use as a guide for cutting- refer to Tips n Tricks section for home made hot-wire cutter...


Eventually the bridges will be covered in printed stone work.....



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Just thinking- you may be referring to the footbridge and lifts in one of the earlier photos- this can also been seen in the Tips n Tricks;- http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/4586-Hot-Wire-Foam-Cutting-By-murrayec?p=72001&viewfull=1#post72001


I'll have a few shots of it shortly as the stairs handrails are now etched and is currently in the paint shop....



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Hi All


Here are two shots of items for the layout hot off the work bench....


Handrails for the pedestrian bridge steps are now complete and all is ready to install on the layout

GS-19 IMAG1830.jpg


This is the gate into the field to access the beach, it's from an SSM etch with foam-cut stone pier posts- old style, not many about any more!

GS-20 IMAG1835.jpg



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Hi All


Here are two shots of items for the layout hot off the work bench....


Handrails for the pedestrian bridge steps are now complete and all is ready to install on the layout



This is the gate into the field to access the beach, it's from an SSM etch with foam-cut stone pier posts- old style, not many about any more!






A first class job. Thanks

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Thanks all for comments


Yes BosKonay, foam is the business, such an easy, light & economical material to play around with. Allied with computer drawings to print out accurate templates on mass almost anything is possible


Though Woodies don't do the pink stuff any more....



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A selection of files showing further work on the model, this time mainly of the "timber yard" where the surface has been raised to track height, using card inlays. As usual the Master did the work.

Two layers of card were used which will now be painted as appropriate to resemble a tarmac area.


Yd7 WP_20151023_13_29_02_Smart.jpg

General view of yard and station in background


Yd1 WP_20151023_12_46_48_Smart.jpg

Cutting out the infills


Yd2 WP_20151023_12_47_04_Smart.jpg

The master at work


Yd3 WP_20151023_12_47_17_Smart.jpg




Yd4 WP_20151023_13_22_36_Smart.jpg

The first layer infill is tested for fit


Yd5 WP_20151023_13_23_16_Smart.jpg

The seashore, with stones marking the tide line


Yd6 WP_20151023_13_28_53_Smart.jpg

Second layer fitted, with B-T Models forklift trucks. This will now be painted to resemble tarmac.

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Stairs and bridge kit or hand made?!


Hi dave182


It's hand made- foam, styrene, cardboard & etched brass, and a lot of work!


Here is a sketch of the landscaping idea we have for the layout, the sketch is not to scale but this kind of thing allows one to calculate numbers and type, we reckon this is the minimum! interesting to see how that pans out;-


GS Landscaping-01.jpg



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The Master says that I should include some descriptive text. What follows is an imagined instruction to the Station Master at Greystones on the operation of the station.


My interest arises because, uniquely, Greystones is the only electric service on a single track, where Greystones Station functions both as a passing loop on the line to Wexford and as the terminus of the Dart Commuter service. In effect the need to receive and dispatch Dart trains at relatively short intervals, while accommodating the other traffic through the station is what interests me. Because there is no passing loop between Greystones and Bray, all schedules are determined by the time a train takes to clear this single section. The same applies on the "Down" trains from Greystones, but here the scheduling is much easier, due to the low frequency of the services.


Some remarks about the layout

The narrowness of the baseboard and my desire to have a curved track through Greystones, meant that it would not be possible to accommodate the small yard in its prototype location between the Down platform wall and the sea. Similarly, the Dart storage siding points were a problem. I therefore decided to relocate the small yard off the Down line south of the station and to incorporate the Dart storage siding in the Down fiddle yard. An Up fiddle yard beyond the bridge at the north end of the station represents the line to Bray.

I have assumed that the bridge over the Barrow remains in use for the timber service.


Greystones Station Operations


The Dart electric service takes general priority.

UP Dart trains must be despatched exactly on time.

DOWN Dart trains will normally arrive at the UP platform.



UP trains will depart from UP platform.

DOWN trains will arrive at DOWN platform.

Note: DART Down trains will arrive at DOWN platform only when it is necessary to leave the UP platform clear for UP Commuter trains. Once these are cleared, the DOWN Dart must be moved to the UP platform, ready for UP departure.



This train will not normally stop at the station. Passengers should not be admitted to the train should it stop, as this traffic is adequately catered for by the Dart and Commuter Services. Stops shown in the Working Timetable are for traffic purposes only.



The imagined timber service to Belview Port requires the use of Greystones as a passing loop to relocate the locomotive to the head of the train.

UP Timber trains will us the main line, including the DOWN line, to shunt these trains into the timber yard. Given the short length of the sidings in the Yard, all timber trains must be divided in the yard. The locomotive will remain in the yard, ready to haul the DOWN train.

DOWN Timber trains, when marshaled, will be pulled to the UP line at Greystones Station. The locomotive will then uncouple, using the DOWN line to loop around the wagons, attach to them and then lead the DOWN train to Belview.



Company remains anxious to develop its freight services, especially through Roslare. With this objective in mind, occasional Special liner services may be run through Greystones Station, where possible at off-peak hours. These will be advised in the Working Timetable.



Pertrains, i.e. Sandite, Engineering and Works trains are run as required. These will be advised in the Working Timetable.


Steam and other Passenger Specials

These require special timetabling, which is negotiated with the train operators.

In the case of steam locos, it is desirable that provision be made to obtain additional water for the engine, should this become necessary. This is the responsibility of the operator.


Attached at some photos of some new senics. I particularly like the little shed, with bicycle and oil barrels. These are typical of the Master's creative abilities.


The tide came in!



The worker's bicycle leaning against hut in timber yard.



Passenger lift shafts with over-bridge, at high tide



The spur to the Timber Yard, with main line to right. [The yard awaits a concrete surfaced).


Edited by closetmodeller
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The major project this week was to paint the timber yard a concrete finish and to try some planting.

We have a fully worked out scheme for trees and bushes to be implemented. At the moment I just wanted to judge the effect of trees.


B141 heading up the ramp to the "Timber Yard".



Commuter DMU heading Down from Greystones towards Wicklow



2700 Class passing under bridge by some trees.


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