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Thanks lads, great to hear the feedback it spurs me on. When doing big builds like this it's easy to get lost along the way and lose inspiration, I keep a long to do list in the workshop and set daily goals to keep pushing through.

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Hi Dave


Stunning work, the level of detail, the realism, fantastic, I cant wait to see it in the flesh and maybe run a train or two over it- maybe even a DART!!




The DART would look brilliant running over the viaduct!

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Dave, she's a monster of a job, but the results speak for themselves and I would imagine will do wonders for your marketing!! :) Just incredibly stunning, a true craftsman at work!


Thanks Bos, it's a labour of love. Gonna be hard to part with it at this stage! I don't run trains on it so I don't get too attached! It has already done a lot for marketing and it will be a main feature of the new website.

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Thanks lads :tumbsup:




What colour did you use for the floor - the red is spot on!


The shed floors are actually red floor tile paint, got a small tin of it in Dealz for €1.50 it's a bit too glossy so I went over it in a dark wash then weathered it then sealed it with flat clear.

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Bit of an update. The scrap yard is finished. I removed an embankment to make it bigger and put down a very fine ballast then weathered it.

I had to make some scrap metal bales and still have to paint and weather some of them. There are two diggers going into the scrap yard and I took the buckets off them and fitted a grapple to one and a magnet to the other. The grapple came from a Kibri kit so I used the rest of it for the crusher.

The fence is not fitted yet, that still has to be painted and weathered.


2016-03-16 15.04.24.jpg

2016-03-15 16.12.56.jpg

2016-03-15 16.18.13.jpg

2016-03-15 16.18.19 (2).jpg

2016-03-15 16.42.40.jpg

2016-03-15 17.40.46.jpg

2016-03-16 10.02.38.jpg

2016-03-16 10.06.49.jpg

2016-03-16 10.37.29.jpg

2016-03-16 10.37.45.jpg

2016-03-16 14.47.24.jpg

2016-03-16 14.59.00.jpg

2016-03-16 14.59.12.jpg

2016-03-16 14.59.16.jpg

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