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Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

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Hi Everyone,


We received the following pics from our factory overnight; pics of our Ballast Wagons! Are you as excited as we are?? The finishing line is in sight.


Remember; you can still order pack B and C direct from us at http://www.irishrailwaymodels.com but they're selling fast!


Thanks to everyone who has placed an order with us and supported Irish Railway Models from the start. This would not be happening without you!


Ballast production 1.jpg


Ballast production 2.jpg

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Looking forward to mine too. It will spur me on to finish the second plough van ( the remaining gswr one )


Or double headed I can re-live standing by the line as the dolomite trains went by to ballinacourty , I can still them , two baby GMs snaking along by the suir , blowing their horns to warn trackside imps like me


All I need then is an A class an a few oil tankers to complete the memories

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I reckon after the new ballasts these babies will be in high demand






DAMN man!! Those look seriously fine. Never thought anything so durty would look so desirable. (quiet you down the back).

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It's really finally happening.:-bd Can't wait for these to arrive and the temptation to get 2-4 plough vans is starting to get too much :). Once these arrive along with the bubbles and taras we have everything we need to model a Kingscourt Navan branch layout. A nice A class would be the icing on a very tasty cake.:trains:


Well done lads, :cheers:

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I did see a few with a single

plough van Noel.


I've seen a few photos of ballast trains with single plough vans but the hoppers were always empty, and a lot of those trains appeared to be split rakes. I only recall seeing one photo of a single plough on a loaded train.

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I was in the cab of a 141 in 1974 , when it collected ballast from queallys quarry at carrolls cross , loads of ballast . no plough van at all !!.


Ive seen several pictures of a single plough van , the double setup seems to be much later in IR days


We have photos on file of CIÉ-era ballast trains with a plough van at either end. The 24850 series plough vans were only introduced in 1978.

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Regarding ballast rakes there were times that a single plough was used; more often than not if the second one was away for repairs / maintenance. The general principle of having two vans was to negate the need to be able to spread ballast in one direction only; but for most (single lines) it could be overcome by dropping ballast in the direction which the plough was facing. For example if it was planned to drop ballast between Portarlington and Tullamore and the van was at the Tullamore end the train would run laden from Portarlington - Tullamore, run round and then drop going back to Portarlington.


The ballast hoppers were formed into 3x rakes (known as Sets A, B & C). The usual composition was 15 hoppers & 2x vans. One of the rakes had a former GSWR plough van in the consist (dating from 1906) and although running on a more modern under-frame it was considered the oldest item of rolling stock left running in everyday service on Irish Railways.

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Great info and pics there men. Have to say I love the plough vans. Make for a lovely model in themselves.


Can somebody please explain to me the different provenance of these two plough vans?






The latter one seems to have a longer wheelbase.

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Thanks Richie. That was an excellent post/thread well researched, don't know how I missed it at the time. Your research has convinced me to go for the earlier '10 Ton GSWR Ballast Brake Plough Van' and paint it Bauxite or Brown which would probably be more appropriate for my B&T era than the later plough in bright PW yellow. Thanks again.



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