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Friday 01/01/21

Riverside permanent way depot,

With the gates to the depot closed for the holidays ,a skeleton staff were on duty earlier to shunt some locomotives around the yard,

082,074,161 and 183 were all started up and checked out by the resident fitter before being shutdown again. 





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Loved that. Great vid clip. I love the noise of the baby GMs EMD 567/645 engines compared to the annoying whining of the larger 071 and 201 power units. Under the overpass is reminiscent of Cork like. PS: Nice movements

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Fresh from the workshops and paint spray facility at Tara junction after its overhaul and repaint is Mk3 composite coach 7170,

These coaches were part of a fleet of eight in the series 7165-7172 and were fitted with a first class section in one half and standard class in the other half. 
The exterior had a red thumbprint on the door area and the roofs were painted grey

The coach is seen here after being added to the set which is working the 18:20 Westport-Heuston hauled by 085. 



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On 25/1/2021 at 12:23 AM, DJ Dangerous said:

How many Cravens coaches actually had that logo applied to them, and why?

Was it a short-lived re-branding idea that never took off?

Three had the logos on the ends,1557 was one,I’m looking through my notes for the other two 

,I think it was decided that the two white lines were enough on the Cravens  



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Useful for turnback of trains, guess clipped oou for 6 months waiting on S&T and new ops instructions about use of crossover. Work does seem to have gone well and I am sure the gang retired to a suitably socially distanced mess room to celebrate with a cup of tea....    

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A variety of locomotive liveries can be seen here in this video representing the 1980s,1990s and 2000s era on CIE IR and IE

  • IE 085 works a Mk 3 ser
  • IR 127 working a passenger & mail train
  • CIE 126+132 work a branch set which has a second BR GSV in the formation as insurance in case the heating in Dutch GSV fails.


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16 hours ago, DJ Dangerous said:

Is that an oil train that you're building, by the loco depot?

Yes-its a representation of the stores oil train that used to operate between Inchicore/Connolly and Northwall. 

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