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29000 New Livery

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Serious point - I think that a standard strong livery should be applied to everything they have - darts included. It promotes a good identifiable corporate image.


+1000 on this. There's been a lot of woolly-minded mucking about with logos, corporate images and colour schemes. The flag logo was (almost) universally panned on various forums. The navy/white/snot green railcar livery had to be the worst example of an awful colour scheme,reminiscent of something a budget airliner would carry.


I wouldn't mind the DARTS so much, at least they're easily identifiable, looks reasonably well and it's a strong brand name.

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IE seem fairly incapable of painting two types of train the same. So now we will have mk4 livery, the 'snot green', silvery grey DMU livery, ICR version of silvery grey, enterprise livery, and a new green colour on some 29s?! And that's before you even get to locos.

Although having said that, the new green livery does, from what I've seen, seem very nice

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Bold colours are needed for a strong corporate livery. Think Cadburys, Coca-Cola, Yellow Pages etc. that's why the black'n'tan worked well for forty years.


The drab greys of the "Enterprise" were woeful from the start. I always thought some sort if bright red and white, like Virgin Atlantic, would have worked well for that. To have a separate DART livery, to me, demands the same on the trains and buses - call it the "jackeen" livery (two tone blue would be no worse than many a thing).


Everything else in a clearly identifiable IE livery. If green, so be it; but a bright green, not a wishy washy one - and grey is all right for a freight loco, but not paired with green as a strong passenger livery. Stations should be the same colour, like in "CIE green" days.

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