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Hi all and a warm welcome to the work shop. Over the next few weeks I will be relocating all thats required, benches and work stations, spraying booth, shelves, tools etc, its the ground floor of my garage complete with electricity, house phone link and wifi. I have a space of 16ft by 22ft to operate in, my old place as some members have seen was a 8ft x 6ft shed. I hope to scratch build various wagons and other items that may be of interest to some forum members. First on the bench will be the curtian sided cement van, constructing a rake of at least 16. Thats the introduction over, watch this space for updates. TDR

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All these plans for the great relocation sound very exciting. I wish you well with the great move and wait with interest to view your efforts. One problem that may arise, it usually does; the greater the space, the more we wish to put in it. What are the chances of your purchasing the property next door to you home, the one adjacent to your Garage?


Best of luck,



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Hi guys and thanks for the good wishes, support and interest. The place is currently upside down with everything just placed inside and the car has to stay outside until relocation is complete, The design of the work areas have to fit in with the car being inside also, So I had drawn around the car to see what actual space was available allowing for walking around. Fitting around a stair case also had to be considered which leads to the railway. It’s amazing how much junk you find when moving. Thanks to all. TDR

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MikeO & Mogul

Hope this helps


Chassis is a Dapol 21ton hopper type.

Both buffer beams cut off, a further 2.5mm was removed from each end of the chassis and the original buffer beams refitted, giving an overall length of 80mm (excluding buffers)

Body is 40 thou plasticard cut as follows

Roof 80 x 32.5mm

Ends 20.5 x 32.5mm

Floor 80 x30 mm

Roof ribs are cut from 20 thou plasticard 4mm wide

Curtain sides are cut from a Hornby R234 curtain sided van body you will need a piece cut containing 10-12 buckles on. £1.99 buys two bodies


These are available from

Des Ellison

110 Rosehill Road



BB11 2QX


Transfers are from Railtec

Paint's are Humbol French Blue no14 and WW1 blue no 109


Phone:01282 |832 754


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Thanks very useful information. This will in due course allow me to build one or two. the information about the use of a Dapol 21 ton hopper chassis may also allow me to build a proper sized Lyons Tea wagon. The one I have made is a little too long as i used a 15ft wheel base chassis.



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Just started this morning the second NIR Hunslet (DL) number 102 FALCON, to be in NIR light blue with Bachmann class 20 DCC sound chassis (same as maroon version posted two weeks ago). The main difference is this body will have, molded hand rails removed along with roof and side grills, and replaced with brass ones. also considering head and marker lights TDR


hun 2 (2).jpg

hun 2 (1).jpg

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A few pictures showing the progress thus far on the hunslet, moulded side and roof grills bored out, removed and new brass one in their place. I have also removed the hand rails hopefully fitting replacement brass ones tomorrow, on both cab fronts and doors. Head lights have been bored out and tapered from inside to outside to accept LED lights. I’m still wondering about fitting marker lights, I’ll sleep on it tonight. TDR

nh2 (1).jpg

nh2 (2).jpg




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Any plans to open up the blank side windows? I'm in two minds about that with my 104 Class, the moulding is fairly thick there, maybe just darken the blank and float some varnish or something into it as 'glazing'

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