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The Model Railway Society of Ireland - bi-annual exhibition 27-29 October 2012.

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(located at the end of the corridor)

Information, regalia & refreshments.


1 "Wallasetown" - Ulster M.R.C.

2 "Dun Ni Riain" - Michael Delaney - M.R.S.I.

3 "Stanfording" - Tony Ragg

4 T-Track modular - South Dublin M.R.C.

5 "Thorpe Bridge" - Wexford M.R.C.


6 "Cranley Brook" - First Bangor M.R.C.

7 "Along the East Coast" - Herbert Alexander

8 "Tirolia" - M.R.S.I.

9 "Broadway Industrial Park" - Pat Mc.Vicar

10 Bismark & Lancaster - Charlie Glaholm


11 Irish Model Bus Display - Keenan / O'Connor

12 Demonstrations - M.R.S.I.

14 "Ballyhedy" - Des Mc.Glynn

15 Lego Display - Brick.ie

16 Dublin Society of Model & Experimental Engineers.


17 "Maxwell Lane" - J. Byrne

18 "Ballymoney" - North Down M.R.C.

19 Richmond on Merton - M.R.S.I.

20 Photo Display Irish Rail Record Society

21 "Letterkenny" - Donegal Heritage Railway



*** TRADE ***



A Sean Ryan - Model Trains

B Brian Collins - Diecast Cars & Trucks

C D&E Video / DC Kits - Models, Books & Videos.

D AXA INsurance

E Murphy Models


F Poots - Model Busses

G Chris Dyer Models - Model Trains

H Marks Models - Model Shop

J Lukas Tomiczek - Calanders

K Des Mc.Glynn - Books & Models


L Studio Scale Models

M Joe Lewis - Model Building

N Una's - Doll Houses etc

P Meath R.T.R. - Loco Kits & Building

Q Model Rail Base Boards


R Finney's - Photos & Calanders

S Model Quick Solutions - Sscenic Materials

T Donegal Heritage Railway

U Michael Morris - Card Kits

V Clifton Flewitt - Books

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Please not that there is no right turn from the Howth road onto Sybil Hill Road if you are coming from town

Maybe a better option would be to take the Coast Road and turn left at Vernon Avenue which then runs onto Sybil Hill Road

The college will then be on your right hand side just after St Annes Park.

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Not long back from the show, good turnout, some lovely layouts and a good variety of trade stands, anyone heading there Sun/Mon be sure to check out stand G, Chris Dyer and Dave Bracken, the stock they have is amazing. I was like a kid at xmas just looking at their display !

Nice to see a few people from here, although i only got to speak to one or two. And of course got to see the STAR of the show, the 071's, in all their glory ! Can't wait to get mine on Tues, hopefully !

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just back from the show and it was great to meet a few of the lads - hiddenagenda, anto, wrenneire, ttc, warbonnet, westy, paul r , niall (the bug lug!....great to hear all is well in your house niall.) and glenderg. enniscorthyman was seen in running after his daughter on several occasions - (its easy known who is the boss in that house!) paddy murphys 071's were the star of the show..breathtaking models -well done sir! special mention to richie...his models were increadable, and a big thanks for the sperry container. finally got my class 80 from anto and she was well worth the wait. got 4 breakvans from gareth which were a work of art. and finally to westy....i held the sulzer in my hands...excellent work desand i cant wait to get my 3. heres a pic to tease you all...

diddamdiddly 008.jpg

diddamdiddly 008.jpg

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... and a big thanks for the sperry container.


You're more than welcome! It was great to meet lots of the members, even though I missed several, RedRich in particular. I missed all the stands, except Dave Bracken's which was liberally abused, but I'm going to call over tomorrow and give it a proper run through, meet up with Des and congratulate him on the Sulzer above, and put a few faces to names on the other trade stands. Only picked up some buffers and some nice paint shades from Jim Poots. The 071's will have to wait. Well organised as always by the MRSI, a credit. The missus said the sandwiches were sound too!Richie.

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A long day travelling but it was worth it for such a good show. The launch of the 071 Class was the highlight of the day of course with the creator in full flow demonstrating all the sound chip could do.





He did pass on a warning about this new model; it only fits into the box one way and not to try to do otherwise. He hopes an “Orange 071” MIGHT be here in time for Christmas.




Des was showing off his Sulzer and one was “allowed" to hold it.




Chris Dyer and Dave Bracken had a fantastic stock of Irish models, as well as MM’s, Silver Fox Models and Coaches painted by Anthony provided the bulk of stock. Dave with his baseboards, the Dart model in action, David with his Enterprise coaches in primer coat and of course Glenderg where I had the pleasure of collecting my Navan Station from him. I also saw some of the other models he has displayed on the site and they look even better in reality.


I met up with Ian McNally of ex MIR fame and he was telling me of his progress in building his Portadown Station layout, something he could not do when running MIR.


As for Site Members, I’ll not list them all in case I forget someone, but it was great to see some again and others for the first time.

Here are some pictures of what took my eye at the show.





















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I was at the show earlier and thought it was great, very well organised. Once I saw the 071's I just had to get one and being a member of EI (formerly IEI) it had to be 082 and I couldn't be more pleased with it, even though I left with my wallet, literally, empty! I also talked to Des and got some nice 2700 Intercity transfers off him.

I had a chat with PM and he used his excellent sales skills to persuade me to get 112 asap because he has sold all his stock of them :). I was sorry I didn't get to chat to any members off here, the only person I kind of recognised from photos on here was Anthony but he was mid-conversation when I spotted him so I didn't want to interrupt, maybe next time :D

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Nice to see some unusual models like the NCC turret cabbed railcar, I recognised Letterkenny from Warley years ago any information on the other layouts?


The NCC Layout with the Bogie Guinness van has a very fine look to it, the seaside layout is very nicely observed nicee to see those old Matchbox models.

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Hi Warbonnet,

The layout in the first 6 and 11th layout photos look to have been taken on Stand # 21 which looks to be a very nice looking layout. What was that one called, please?


The Exhibitor told me it was an old layout that he acquired for his son. They added a fiddle yard to “Letterkenny” but the existing track did not match up with Peco Narrow Gauge rail. The trees caught my attention. They are made up from twisted wire and look very effective despite their age.

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Nice to see some unusual models like the NCC turret cabbed railcar, I recognised Letterkenny from Warley years ago any information on the other layouts?

The NCC Layout with the Bogie Guinness van has a very fine look to it, the seaside layout is very nicely observed nicee to see those old Matchbox models.



The layouts are:

"Letterkenny" by Donegal Heritage Railway

"Ballymoney" by North Down MRC

"Stranfording" by Tony Ragg 'O' gauge

and "Richmond on Merton" by MRSI

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