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David Holman

Clogher Valley Project

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Baseboard 2 developments

 Start with the background and work forwards is what most art teachers recommend and it is much the same with model railway scenery - after all, there is little point in trying to work beyond something you have already planted.

 So, recent work on Fintonagh has been focussing on the low relief buildings making up the rear edge of the layout and trying to incorporate them into a painted back scene. More snake oil than tromp l'oeuil and it is not quite right yet, but the photos hopefully show what I'm aiming at. The latest creation is the Fintonagh Metalworkers building. On the actual Clogher Valley line there was 'Fivemiletown Industries', so this exercise, little more than a 'flat' pays homage to that. I'm assuming a local co-operative offering wrought ironwork, welding, brazing and the like, with the rather OTT clock an advert for some of their work & small weather vane likewise. Both came from Scalelink etches, though the clock needed rather more work than just chopping out. The windows are laser cut jobbies from York Modelmaking. 

 The next work will be to  fill in the gaps between buildings with DAS clay and make good the paintwork, then I can add paving stones, drain & manhole covers etc, before working outwards into the front part of the layout. There will be a long stone wall between the railway and road, while a large tree will hopefully hide some of the liberties I've had to take with perspective on the back scene. What might look ok in the pictures is not necessarily so as you move along the layout. The tree and the mill/animal feed warehouse [haven't decided which yet] will both hide the hole in the sky where the layout disappears into the back scene. 






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Hi Dave

Sometimes you’re browsing thru the forum you come across something you haven’t seen before…properly.

I’m working on my own backscene at the moment, I like the way you have the painted street going behind “cullens tea rooms” gives great impression of depth, also the street continues (tapers) into the backscene at the end, I’m really not sure where it finishes….great work.

I can see it and kind-off know how you did it, but have never tried something like that before. So any tips on technique. Also if you see my recent posts on Celbridge I have footbridge going into backscene, have you any suggestions to give that some more depth. My artistic skills would not be great but my daughter has a good eye.


Paddy mac.

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On 2/18/2018 at 5:49 PM, Broithe said:

Love the bookshop...

Full of meandering tales, some taller than others, plenty truth, a hint of equivocation, but a goldmine nonetheless!

Back to the layout - I just love the architectural juxtaposition of windows and symmetry, or lack thereof. So well captured, and as for track, just yummy...R.

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